Try Strong-Arm Tactics to Promote Bitcoin Cash Adoption –

Roger Ver and are brandishing the weight of the domain name in the latest attempt at market manipulation — as it appears that they have a new policy of delisting exchanges which do not support BCH, as highlighted by Reddit user “ecurrencyhodler” yesterday. 

An email explaining the new policy sent to Swiss cryptocurrency exchange starts innocuously enough. The team are simply “reaching out” to Bity regarding their current listing on the site. They “have noted” that Bity does not currently offer BCH, and point out the new requirements to remain listed.

They are simply letting Bity know:

so that you can start to offer Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to your customers

Well if the lack of BCH support was just an oversight from Bity, it can now rectify this. So that’s all fair enough.

Let’s Play Hardball

Just in case this wasn’t enough of a call to action though, the email then raises the stakes by stating:

If we don’t see any changes that reflect the addition of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on your exchange within the next 30 days then your listing will be removed from

It also points out that the site receives millions of views per month, making it “one of the top most viewed websites in the cryptocurrency space”.

Burn, Baby Burn

Bity’s response was polite, considered and served up some hard truths, namely that (in Switzerland):

  1. There is currently no economy that we are aware of which uses BCH
  2. There are no cases of businesses being built around the direct use of BCH
  3. There are… no salaries being paid in BCH, or companies being created to service the BCH community

That triple-burn was followed up by a Mortal-Kombat-esque finisher.

Bity, as a regulated financial intermediary, currently focuses on cryptocurrencies with an actual or potential strong economy behind them. We have not seen any real use cases in Switzerland or with our user base of BCH that shows potential to be integrated in the future financial system.

Without Prejudice

Bity’s response ends by pointing out that the company is crypto agnostic and should market behavior change, then it would certainly reconsider offering BCH. The company simply published this email exchange to let its customers know why it would no longer be listed on the exchange pages of

What are your thoughts on Roger Ver and’s tactics to ‘encourage’ exchanges to list Bitcoin Cash? Let us know in the comments below.

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Author: Emilio Janus