Pool miners can now merge mine RootStock (RSK) Pool miners can now merge mine RootStock (RSK)

We are happy to announce that Pool miners can now merge mine RootStock (RSK) next to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Merged mining allows different crypto currencies with the same algorithm, such as SHA 256, to be mined together. This allows crypto currencies with lower hash rate to gain additional hashing power by bootstrapping on a crypto currency with higher hash rate.

For cryptocurrencies with Proof-of-Work (POW) consensus algorithm, it is crucial to have substantial hashing power in order to secure the network against attacks., the world’s largest bitcoin mining pool, is happy to offer its miners better profitability while offering massive hashing power to validate and secure RSK sidechain transactions.

RSK offers a smart contract protocol that runs on top of the Bitcoin infrastructure. added RSK merge-mining on the MainNet after an intense test period:

“We are very happy to add value to our miners who are using our infrastructure. We wish RSK to bring unlimited potential to the Bitcoin community. This integration will allow our miners to increase their profits by receiving fees from all smart contracts running on RSK.” — Zhong Zhuang, Project Director

The integration allows miners to earn more with the same hardware and energy consumption. The Pool already has experience with merged mining, as it also offers NameCoin (NMC).’s mission is to secure the Bitcoin network, and we are happy to support innovation, such as smart contracts on Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

Learn more about the Pool at!, powering the digital currency world.

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Author: Nikol Daru