#BuiltWithBitcoin School #2 has Begun! – The Paxful Blog

School #2 of the #BuiltWithBitcoin Project is now being built.

The amazing folks at ZamZam Water have already begun building the school with a $20,000 donation from Paxful. ( 544a352151120ef2349fbb02cf58dffd446a19d4197966e5bd8e6af570732f6f )

$100,000 total is needed and we will be matching all donations given from the community until this goal is reached!

ZamZamWater accepts

  • Bitcoin: 3Q5CESP85hhXTLSy2HDbSyNchb5Bi8D7ku
  • Bitcoin Cash: 15YGniLxo77kfMUWGoRNT6ShUQC93MvaXg
  • Ehtereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dash

You can find all their official bitcoin donation addresses at https://www.zamzamwater.org/news/builtwithbitcoin

We will be sharing all the media and updating the entire community as the new school is being built. It will be a full primary school with

  • infrastructure,
  • water project,
  • solar system,
  • kitchen, and
  • furnishings.

For 300+ students between the ages of 7-14/15. It’s 2x as big as the first school.

If interested in partnering up with Zam Zam, please contact [email protected].