Galaxy Digital Appoints Former Goldman Executive Michael Daffey as Chair

Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd., a bitcoin-focused firm offering banking and institutional services, has appointed Michael Daffey to take the position of chairman. The new chairman will officially resume duty on Sept 1. Knowing fully well what the new role involves, Daffey said, “This is a great, new next chapter for me. I have a lot to learn.” The chairman’s position was once held by the founder of the company, Michael Novogratz, who will remain as chief executive. Daffey and Novogratz used to work together at Goldman in Asia in the 1990s before the latter left and started working at Fortress

Another Win for Ethereum: Rothschild Buys 265,302 Shares of Grayscale ETH

Asset management company Rothschild Investment Corporation recently purchased 265,302 shares of the Grayscale Ethereum Trust, valued at $4.75 million. The asset manager disclosed that it had increased its shares in the Ethereum Trust to $4.75 million as of March 31, 2021. According to regulatory filings,  Rothschild was one of the first asset management institutions to seek ETH exposure through Grayscale Trust product. Major institutions purchasing ether has always been unavoidable as more investors are flocking to the market. As previously reported, Grayscale Investments managing director Michael Sonnenshein said the number of investors interested in ETH is on the rise. Sonnenshein also

Turkey Bans Crypto Payments, Cites “Irreparable” Damage and Transaction Risks

The Central bank of the Republic of Turkey has banned citizens from using cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange and payments. The new law will take effect starting April 30, 2021, the country’s official Gazette reported Friday. The central bank claimed that the reason for the ban was due to “irreparable” damage and significant transaction risks associated with cryptocurrencies. The bank noted that crypto wallets are vulnerable to theft and crypto transactions are irrevocable, hence crypto assets are a poor medium of exchange.  The ban comes after Turkish authorities demanded user information from crypto trading platforms last week. The central bank

Ethereum Hits A New All-time High As It Soar Above $2,500. | Coinfomania

For the first time since Ethereum became a tradeable asset, it finally crossed the $2,500 mark to record a new all-time high. The new milestone came just within 48 hours of Berlin, the latest Ethereum network upgrade went live. No doubts some of the aims of the new upgrade is taking place. The break above $2,500 is an inevitable one as the bulls have put in a lot of efforts to see Ether surge this high. The first time ETH showed signs of breaking above $2,500 was during the last 48 hours but was met by stiff opposition. During the