China’s Pharma Scandal: Waltonchain (WTC) Provides Free Traceability Solutions For Vaccines – Ethereum World News

The incessant pharmaceutical scandal noticed among some vaccine manufacturers in China, especially the latest one which resulted in uproars have made Waltonchain (WTC) to suggest a blockchain solution that will nick the habit in the bud.

Waltonchain in a statement declared that it will provide free of charge traceability solutions for vaccine enterprises, government and hospitals in the country.

“In view of the recent vaccine case in China, Waltonchain has decided to provide free of charge traceability solutions for vaccine enterprises, governments and hospitals. Let’s make the world safer together with blockchain technology.”

After China’s State Drug Administration reported that a vaccine manufacturer Changsheng Biotechnology falsified some parts of its rabies vaccine production data, the social media has been raging, resulting in fear that some manufacturers are also involved in this detrimental habits.

However, government has ordered that the production of the vaccine in question be put to stop, pending the time that all investigations and research are carried to place production condition back to normal.

Waltonchain, which offered to proffer solution to the obnoxious act, says it will provide traceability solution to vaccine developing enterprises without charging any fee.

This will enhance and standardize the control of each link of vaccine supply chain, such as production, sales and transportations.

It added that it will also provide safe and reliable living environment for people throughout the world if the idea is adopted.

This move will expedite blockchain adoption in the nooks and crannies of China, and latter expand to the world in due time.

Chinese blockchain enthusiasts have been pushing for massive adoption of the technology in the country, now that there is an issue in the pharmaceutical industry, the tech can be adopted quickly to monitor every move during and after the production of any vaccine.

Remarkable Use Cases Of Waltonchain.

Recently, Ethereum World News reported that Waltonchain unveiled WTC-Garment, the world’s first blockchain-based high-end clothing authenticity traceability system invented for the apparel industry.

The idea is seen as a joint implementation of Waltonchain and Kaltendin, China’s leading high-end clothing brand. It uses the RFID core technology to the smart management system for smart production, warehousing management and smart shopping experience.

Waltonchain aims to disrupt the supply chain industry. One of its use cases has been deployed in the wine industry where the technology monitors every movement of wine until it reaches the final consumer.