DeStream – A Revolutionary Financial Ecosystem for Streamers

Streaming is big business. In fact, video streaming sites such as Twitch have a bigger yearly audience than Netflix, HBO, ESPN and Hulu all combined.

The figures are amazing:

  • In 2017, Twitch pulled in over 666 million viewers of live video game streams.
  • A Newzoo company report predicts that the video game industry will generate $128 billion by the year 2020.
  • The numbers grow every year – unsurprising when you consider that there are over 2.2 billion regular gamers worldwide
  • All adds up to an insatiable global appetite for anything gaming related.
  • And it’s not just gaming – musicians, athletes and other performers also use the internet to stream to a live audience.

Please Note: This is a Press Release

A new service that helps streamers to get the success they deserve

In this new age of live streaming streaming a new profession has been born – that of a ‘streamer’.

Streamers can make a living generating revenue from subscription, platform promotions, advertising, selling merchandise and, of course, donations.

DeStream have a revolutionary new concept. Their business model stands apart from other sites that offer services to video streamers. DeStream have harnessed the power of the blockchain to create a financial ecosystem that brings extra revenue and security.

DeStream is an add-on service to streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube, that has aspirations to become an indispensable resource for streamers. They are in the process of building and developing an impressive infrastructure that simplifies content creation and allows for greater interaction with viewers.

Of course, the main advantage of DeStream will be the financial ecosystem. These days, being a streamer can be a full-time occupation for those with the talent and personality to pull it off. DeStream will help this become a reality for more and more people.

The benefits of a decentralized financial ecosystem

DeStream can enhance the service already offered by streaming sites in the following ways:

  • A single access point for streamers, viewers and advertisers
  • Lower transaction fees (decrease of up to 0.77%)
  • Overlay hub for compatible platforms
  • Pre-prepared smart-contracts between ecosystem users using blockchain security
  • The ability to create secure smart-contracts
  • The ability to trade virtual items in the platform and on affiliate platforms.

The DeStream vision is one of an infrastructure that rewards streamers for their hard work that doesn’t favor the highest ranked streamers over everybody else.

For instance, it can be difficult for new streamers to make an advertising income, as they won’t appear in the top percentiles. DeStream’s mission is to create a democratic and secure environment for streamers to build relationships with viewers and advertisers.

Another goal of the infrastructure development is to  simplify the life of the content creators and improve engagement with viewers

Reasons to get involved in DeStream’s ICO

Let’s recap why DeStream is a smart investment.

  • It rewards streamers, viewers and investors through the blockchain-based token system
  • Lower transaction costs
  • Pioneering smart-contracts
  • Ability to buy digital products directly, such as skins or in-game bonuses
  • Has great, user-friendly resources to make things easier for streamers and viewers
  • Is certain to be the go-to service for streamers that want to make their mark on the industry.

The Big DeStream Stratis Token Sale

DeStream’s Closed Presale stage has recently finished and they are currently launching their token sale for Stratis token holders.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get involved in an up-and-coming company that is leading the way in a new age of video game streaming.

Visit the DeStream website today to take part in their token sale and reap the rewards.