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· January 6, 2018 · 7:00 pm

In 2016, the global consulting services market was worth over $250 billion and that number is growing quickly. In addition to in-office consultations, many providers are incorporating an online consulting model as well. The problem facing these providers, however, is that the options available to track and facilitate payment for these online consultations are limited at best.

Bitcoinist sat down with the Experty team to find out how their innovative blockchain-based consulting platform will revolutionize the way that consultants and their clients interact and do business online. 

Bitcoinist: What was the main impetus behind Experty?

ET: We founded Experty to solve a problem that we have had with consultations in the past. Consultations aren’t that straightforward. You need to ask for payment in advance, ask for it afterward, or some mix of both. Sometimes you’ll need to go through an intermediary to make sure you get paid, which is costly and time-consuming. Experty was created to solve this problem.

Bitcoinist: What is your experience in the consulting field? The blockchain field?

ET: Our team is experienced in the consultations field, having come from the web consulting company ReactPoland. We’re very experienced in this area, and we know what problems currently face the consultations field. As for blockchain experience, our founders are well experienced with blockchain technology and share a similar passion for it. We want to see this succeed.

Bitcoinist: How does Experty address the challenges that consultants and their clients face?

ET: Experty uses blockchain technology to allow people to get paid by the minute for the time they spend on a consultation. This means that money is sent peer to peer for the exact length of any call.

Bitcoinist: How is Experty different from current consultation platforms like Yondo and Quantifye?

ET: Consultations AND payments through Experty are peer to peer. It’s a blockchain based platform that anyone in the world can use, regardless of location, identity, or national currency. Experty is taking the ball and chain off consultations.

Bitcoinist: Is there an arbitration mechanism in place in case there is a dispute between consultant and client? 

ET: We plan to build a refund mechanism into the app.

Bitcoinist: What are some of the most common use cases for Experty?

ET: We see blockchain experts using it upon release, as there is a growing need for these experts, but not enough of them to hire directly. Experts can decide their own rates and take calls from clients in their own time. It’s similar to Uber in that sense.

Experty Use Cases

Bitcoinist: One of the features of Experty is its ability to be integrated into third-party platforms. Have any such platforms expressed an interest in integration? 

ET: Yes! We have had several different companies interested in doing this, including NewsBTC and MindSports.

Bitcoinist: Are Experty tokens (EXY) a utility token or a security token? 

ET: They are a utility token, designed to be used within the application.

Bitcoinist: How will EXY tokens be used within the Experty ecosystem? 

ET: The tokens are used to make payments to consultants using the app. EXY will be the primary form of payment.

Bitcoinist: Can you explain what Proof-of-Care is and why you chose to implement it for your TGE pre-sale? 

ET: Proof-of-Care is a system to rewards the people that display that they care about Experty. People post on social media, write articles, make videos, and are rewarded for this with bonuses during the pre-sale. This means that the people who are most passionate about the project get more tokens. It’s about making the distribution more fair, and preventing whales from coming in and taking everything.

Experty’s Proof-of-Care pre-sale is currently underway and will end on January 15, 2018. For more information about Experty, please visit experty.io and download their white paper.

What do you think of Experty’s platform? How will it improve the consultation process for the consultant and the client? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Experty

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