Ukraine Is Creating Official Group for Cryptocurrency Regulation –

· January 14, 2018 · 11:30 pm

The Ukranian government is planning to form a group that will oversee regulatory measures for cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Regulating Cryptocurrencies

As cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular and widespread, many governments worldwide are introducing regulatory frameworks for digital currencies and exchanges. In 2017 the whole cryptocurrency market experienced an explosive growth rate which drew a lot of attention from governments and financial institutions.

According to a recent statement by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, the National Bank of Ukraine urged the government to implement proper regulatory measures for cryptocurrencies in Ukraine. The National Bank of Ukraine is mainly concerned by the fact that cryptocurrencies can be used for criminal activities like drug and weapons trafficking. The statement mentions that a working group will be launched, which will consist of representatives of the National Bank of Ukraine, Ministry of Finance and various other security agencies in order to create such a regulatory framework. The proposal would also give law agencies more access to websites and platforms that deal with cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Ukraine’s Own Cryptocurrency

Ukraine's Own Cryptocurrency

Many countries have already experimented with the idea of creating fiat-based cryptocurrencies. A couple of weeks ago EU officials denied the possibility that the Eurozone would introduce its own cryptocurrency.  Russia and Venezuela already started experimenting with their own fiat-based cryptocurrencies. The statement by the NSDCU also mentions that the National Bank of Ukraine is considering to create its own cryptocurrency.

Analysts believe that Ukraine’s own cryptocurrency would aim to curb the popularity of Bitcoin and altcoins in Ukraine and give authorities and regulators more financial control. The new regulations would also allow Ukranian authorities to properly tax any income that was archived through cryptocurrency trading, investing or mining.

What are your thoughts on the regulatory proposal by the Ukranian authorities? Do you think that it will benefit cryptocurrency users in the country? Let us know in the comments below!

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