World’s First Bitcoin Mining TV Launched by Canaan –

Canaan creative have launched what they claim is the world’s first bitcoin mining television set, the ‘AvalonMiner Inside’. The world’s second largest manufacturer of mining hardware are diversifying their product line, according to the South China Morning Post.

Tech Spec

The TV set can process 2.8 trillion hashes per second at 100W/T, compared to their most powerful mining rig processing 11 trillion hashes per second. This power (from A3210 16nm ASIC chips) seems pretty decent, considering that you can’t watch TV on a typical mining rig.

Canaan say that the TV is powered by artificial intelligence (because reasons) and has voice control. It will also apparently calculate bitcoin mining profitability in real time, which would be all well and good except…

The Rub

“The digital currency earned can be used to buy entertainment content or physical gifts through Canaan’s platform.”

Soooooo, it looks like you’d be mining for reward points. We can only hope that this is a misreporting of the facts, because that seems pretty much like a dealbreaker. Unless you’re the kind of person who takes unnecessary flights just to collect the miles? Anyway…

AvalonMiner Inside

‘AvalonMiner Inside’ sounds like a feature; a sticker you’d find on the outside of your TV to let you know that it will use spare processing power for mining. It actually sounds like a potentially brilliant feature for your TV to have.

The ‘AvalonMiner Inside’ TV sounds like last season’s mining chip bolted onto an unbranded telly, in an attempt to convince people that’s a good idea. The ASIC chip isn’t going to help the TV function better, and the TV processor is unlikely to be adding anything to the mining power.

If all you want is a TV, then you’re getting a 43″ model with 4K resolution. But if mining bitcoin is your motivation, then you probably care enough to want a decent branded TV.

The Floodgates Open

Apparently this TV set is just the beginning. Following this, Canaan plans to broaden their market base, by enabling more home appliances for mining. If all this means is slapping an old ASIC chip into a third rate washing machine and hoping the user doesn’t mind the soaring electricity bills…


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Author: Emilio Janus