Yezcoin to Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange, Offering Advanced Solutions that Simplify Transactions for Users

Navigating the crypto-sphere can be a challenging and cumbersome process. is launching a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange that brings together the speed of a centralized exchange with the security of a decentralized model.  These innovations will simplify the user experience while taking transaction security to the next level. Signaling their commitment to security, Yezcoin has already released (via pop up warning) an anti-scam extension free to the public, warning customers when they attempt to transact with a fraudulent address.


Please Note: This is a Press Release

The free anti-scam extension tool of Yezcoin

Sample web page to test the extension with sample Scammer Addresses

Yezcoin is presently working on ID management solutions and will store encrypted customer information on the blockchain, where only individual account owners can unlock their information using their private keys. This idea further allows customers to make their own decisions, on sharing private information, and even profit from it. It’s a revolutionary improvement over the current trend of data domination and abuse.

Benefits of the use of blockchain technology

Yezcoin is also using blockchain technology to provide solutions that bring companies into compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) rules. Looking forward, Yezcoin plans to grow into an ICO launch pad platform to support, with its own KYC & AML SERVICE, other companies in the cryptocurrency space.   By 2019 AI and Biometrics ID will further strengthen Yezcoin’s ability to deliver on its security promise.

Yezcoin uploaded a series of videos to explain their service on Yezcoin Admin channel in ten languages.

Yezcoin strongly believes in the positive contribution of blockchain technology and sees great potential in its development.  The company is building future opportunities to partner with the private sector and governments, using identity management solutions to promote human rights, by providing a digital identity to all. In addition to helping millions of people prove their identity, including refugees and victims of trafficking, identity management can also benefit more than two billion people who have no access to financial services. Using blockchain technology, to establish digital identities for under-served populations, can go a long way toward improving people’s lives and increasing their security.

Yezcoin events in the near future

To explain their goals, and increase awareness of blockchain technology and what they are trying to achieve with it, Yezcoin is planning to organize an entire series of various events in Asia. Those will include multiple seminars that are to take place in August 2018, and will be held in Singapore (August 3), Kuala Lumpur (August 5), Manila (August 6), as well as Bangkok (August 8).

Yezcoin, the most secure Crypto Exchange, is counting down its’ token sale on the website.

The company will use the NEO Blockchain as a platform and will accept Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and NEO as forms of payment for the ICO. Yezcoin’s partnership program has grown considerably and the company will continue to launch subsidiary companies on its platform to address different sectors, including real estate, healthcare, education, employment, just to name a few.

Yezcoin’s partners.

Finally, Yezcoin is planning several Airdrops that will reward users with Yezcoin tokens. Rewards will be received by the first 10,000 individuals to join the platform, as long as they go through with KYC and AML registrations, follow Yezcoin on social media, including Telegram, and share at least one of their Twitter and Facebook posts.

As for AML and KYC registrations, they are expected to start in August of this year, while the pre-ICO token sale is scheduled to be in September. Following this event, Yezcoin will also hold a public crowd sale in October. Additional details can be found on the platforms website.

Also, if you are interested in learning more, and following the platform’s progress, you can always find them @yezcoin on Twitter, Telegram, or YouTube.