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Zebpay Newsletter — June 2018

Hey Zebian,

Amidst all the hypes, we are back after a long month to let you know what’s going on and what more is going to come in Zebpay. In the past month, we saw many such events which kept us excited every time in this cryptocurrency world.

However, we are still pleased to announce that we have successfully introduced 10 crypto to crypto pairs and added 3 cryptocurrencies which include NCASH, CMT, ZIL. We trust you will be as excited as us with all these new inclusions.

And with this, we assure you more cryptocurrencies, trading pairs, secure features and a seamless trading experience for you in coming months. Let’s take an in-depth look at the current advancements in Zebpay for June month.

INR Deposit and Withdrawals Paused

INR deposits and withdrawals have been paused in the Zebpay app until banks allow us again.
But please note:
(i) Coin / Token deposits and withdrawals are ON
(ii) crypto-rupee and crypto-crypto pair trading is ON

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