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[2018] Amazon Sales: The Complete Guide

8 of Amazon’s Hidden Sales and 3 Bonus Tricks to Save 5%+ Off Almost Anywhere You Shop. Read on…

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Love spending more money than other people on Amazon? No? Me either!

With just a little bit of effort you can snag deep sales on everything on Amazon.

But how do you even know if an item is on sale on Amazon or if it will go on sale? Does Amazon even do sales?

You’ll soon learn how to save on Amazon with just a little bit of effort.

Read on, it only gets better…

Before we get going, let’s make sure you’re in the right place…

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Looking to Avoid Sales Tax When Shopping on Amazon? (it's easy):

Amazon Sales Work, If You Know Where to ?

Even though sales may seem simple enough (50% off this, 30% off that, etc.), tracking these deals and ensuring that they are truly a good deal is a bit more difficult than one would expect.

Here is a list of deals that Amazon provides.

It’s not as easy as you might think…

1. Hardest to Nab, Best Deals. Available for 2–4 Hours, Often Hidden:

We’re talking about Lightening Deals (1/3 deal types).

There are tons of Lightening Deals that run for a small period of time.

Almost all of these deals are all shown product pages, but some are only available on the lightening deals page.

Pay attention to find the hidden deals.

Look very carefully, see the countdown!

Amazon’s lighting deals run 24/7 and are the shortest running and most difficult to obtain.

These only last for about 2–4 hours and are limited in quantity, once you get them in your cart you have only 15 minutes to checkout.

It’s easy to accidentally stumble on MOST Lightening Deals, BUT… not all!

Most lightening deals can be seen on the product page (like above).

The amount of items that are put on sale can vary from $200–$2,000 depending on the day.

The items are usually sold directly from Amazon, meaning that you are not likely to find your more obscure brands.

Most Amazon Lightening Deals are also available on the product pages.

But, there’s a trick…

Don’t be fooled, Early Access Deals are ONLY found on the Amazon Lightening Deals Page.

While most of the lightening deals are advertised on the product page too (example of a product page, and above).

Prime Early Access Deals can only be seen if you are on the Lightening Deals page.

Check out Amazon trickiness…

These hot pants are ripping you off at full price if you’re a Prime member.

Here’s the link to the trickiest of deals.

Names brands such as Hasbro, Reebok, and Nike are all up for grabs on Lightening Deals.

To organize this a little better, Amazon sales will sometimes be broken down into themed days.

Christmas themed? No, it’s Mother’s Day!

These days will have multiple items by the same company or of the same type on sale at the same time.

In order to claim a lightning deal, you must purchase it while supplies last and within the time limit.

What’s the limit?

Act fast to get land those savings on Amazon!

You should be ready purchase the item as soon as it goes on sale.

The key to winning the best Amazon deal is to be prepared. The best way to do this is to click the sidebar on Amazon’s website to see the upcoming deals and then plan accordingly.

Though, if you get there and the item is already out of stock, don’t worry, there is a still a chance for you to purchase the item.

1, 2, 3… please waitlist me!

When you place something in your cart, you have 15 minutes to purchase it within the sale time limit.

Once those 15 minutes pass, the item becomes available to claim by another person. Meaning, if you do not buy your item quickly enough, you may lose it.

The Porsche 918 Spyder can do a quarter mile in 2.2 seconds. Thankfully, you have 15 minutes to save.

When an item is sold out, you can be put on a waitlist to see if someone does not purchase it in the 15 minutes.

If this happens, you will have the option of claiming that item.

2. Daily Deals, Easier to Spot & Last Longer (2–3 Deals, 25–40% off):

Oh yea, let’s get to Daily Deals (2/3 deal types).

There are a fewer number of daily deals, but you usually have more time to decide and they come at pretty good discounts.

There were only 3 deals today, but each of these discounts had tons of products in them.

A small number of daily deals,

If you were to stumble across this product at the right time on the right day, you’d get this small little hint that this item was on sale for only a limited time.

Pay attention.

Don’t miss out on this deal because you missed the fine print below.

Daily Deals happen every day. Just a few products on sale for 24 hours.

If there are multiple, they will usually be of a similar type much like the lightning deals.

These are much easier to attain as they last the whole day and are only limited to the supplies Amazon carries.

All of these glasses were on sale at time of publication.

Wine anyone? Cocktail? Stirred, not Shaken? Or wait, what?

All Riedel glassware was 25% off. Sorry if you missed it!

To claim these deals follow these three golden steps:

1. Go to the “Today’s Deals” tab on the Amazon 
2. Click the “Deal of the Day” 
3. Add it to your cart while supplies last

3. Ongoing Savings (Mostly Promotions for Amazon Products):

Finally, let’s get to the Savings and Sales. (3/3 in this category of deals).

Notice that there’s no timer here or anything like that.

The longest sale that Amazon will run regularly are their “limited time sales.”

Oh don’t believe that, this stuff is always on sale :).

These can vary extremely on price and amount of time the sale occurs.

These all the time deals are obvious on the product pages/

Some will last for a few days and some will last a few weeks. These deals can be found on the “Today’s Deals” tab as well.

As you see above, they are pretty obvious on the product pages too.

If you want to see if it’s a real deal, you’ll want to head over to CamelCamelCamel.com and paste in your ASIN (B06XCM9LJ4 for this item).

Here’s the Echo 2nd Generation.

So, is $84.99 a good deal?

A good deal! But, not the BEST deal.

CamelCamelCamel tells us that the price has dropped to 79.99 in December.

But, when the Echo does go on sale, it’s usually for a short period of time.

Don’t wait to try and save $5 more bucks, buy it now.

4. Coupons Are Cool, But You Must Always Click to Save:

Watch for coupons on the product page you’re on. If you don’t click, it’s your loss. Just like the real world.

There’s more to learn about coupons, though…

If, for whatever reason, you want to see what kinds of things you often buy that have a coupon… go to the coupon page and click around.

As it turns out, there were no dinosaur coupons…

Search for Amazon Coupons first!

Amazon accepts many types of coupons.

Here are some coupon pages that you can checkout. They are mostly just affiliate links, but you might like their formatting more than the Amazon Coupon page.

Groupon, and Coupons.com.

4. Have Sales Come to You (But Beware of A Weird Scam):

Not the deal hunter you used to be? Let the deals come to you.

Here’s how…

There’s at least a billion ways to get notified of sales on Amazon.

This Amazon Assistant Chrome Extension (install link) will send you notifications.

Amazon wants ALL of your data.

We -do not- recommend the Amazon Assistant, even if you love deals.

Why not?

What would lead us to not want you to save money?

Here’s why…

1. Amazon asks for permission to read EVERY website you visit.
2. Amazon wants to track your location (why do they need that?)
3. It’s easy to accidentally install the wrong extension.

Read on about #3…

This is not from Amazon, it’s not made by Amazon, it has 1 review, and it’s already scammed 78 people. It’s totally a fake.

Just avoid this Amazon product, it’s probably worse than having your puppy stolen or giving Amazon access to your car’s trunk.

5. Amazon Email Subscriptions (Gotta Catch ’Em All):

Want Amazon to email you about, well, everything possible?

1,000,000s of options for emails

Amazon can send you tons of different types of emails. If you’re an email saver, signup to your deal(s) of choice here.

6. Amazon Prime Gives You A Few Extra Hacks (Cheat Codes Below):

Amazon Prime gets you a few extra things, too.

You don’t HAVE to signup for the year.

Lightning Deals.

You get access to these deals 15 minutes ahead of time as a Prime member.

If the deal is good enough, you should subscribe for a month and then cancel (but your first month is free, and Amazon will let you cancel).

Prime Prices Are Higher Now

You can share your Prime membership with others in your household, there’s Student Prime, and a bunch of other Prime hacks to save on Prime.

7. For Social Media Gurus:

Need to save EVEN more? Turn to is Amazon’s social media accounts.

Amazon on Facebook,
Amazon on Twitter
Amazon on Instagram

Amazon sales will regularly be advertised.

8. Amazon Mobile Has Mobile-Only Deals:

Mobile only deals are our favorites, because you can jump on them so quickly.

Amazon’s mobile app available on both Android and iOS will give you notifications when an item on your wishlist or in your cart goes on sale.

This will help gauge how good the Amazon sales are because you will know what the price was before.

BONUS: Amazon Outlet (50%+ Off) & Warehouse (Used Stuff):

If you love bargain hunting, you’ve come to the right place! Shop online at our outlet store and find low prices on markdowns and overstocks — you’ll find items such as electronics, accessories, clothing, kitchen gadgets, and more all year round.

That’s what Amazon says about their Outlet.

And then, Warehouse too…

Shop great deals on quality used products including: computers & tablets, home & kitchen, digital cameras, Amazon devices, unlocked cell phones and TVs.


You can save 5% off on almost any store you shop it when you use a 5% back credit card (Store Card Or Chase Card) to buy a Gift Card on Amazon from one of the brands you shop at all the time.

Whole Foods, Lyft, iTunes, Southwest. Save 5% on your entire life!


You could also always just be bold and save 5–33% off everything on Amazon by using Purse.io by getting Bitcoin.

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