Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Says “Buy as Much Bitcoin as You Can Now” 

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the best-selling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” has urged his followers to purchase more bitcoin in the wake of the cryptocurrency breaking through $16k for the first time since January 2017.    Kiyosaki said this in a tweet today while applauding Bitcoin’s growth over traditional assets like Gold and Silver.  He opined that people should immediately join the Bitcoin bandwagon by buying more of it because the “ Train is moving.” Since the value of the US dollar against these assets keeps depreciating due to recent events like the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Kiyosaki told his

Chainalysis to Help Government Agencies Sell Confiscated Bitcoin (BTC)

Following the recent confiscation of $1 billion worth of bitcoin (BTC) by the United States government, popular blockchain analysis company, Chainalysis today announced that it had been awarded the government contract to sell out cryptocurrencies tracked and seized from fraudsters. Chainalysis said its tools and investigative assistance helped the US authorities in investigating and tracking the crypto wallets involved in the $1billion case, which was meant to promote the sales of narcotics on Silk Road.  According to the announcement, the analysis company will be partnering with the confiscated assets management company, Asset Reality to structure a program primarily for storing and

Tezos Successfully Completes Delphi Protocol Upgrade

Tezos Foundation, the non-profit organization promoting the Tezos Protocol development, has announced the successful upgrade of its network.   According to the announcement today, the recent upgrade from Carthage to Delphi that occurred at block 1,212,417 would enhance the network’s Michelson interpreter and gas model’s performance.  Delphi would help reduce storage cost by a factor of four and facilitate applications on Tezos in areas like decentralized finance (DeFi), gaming, and collectibles.  The recent upgrade was launched after members of the Tezos community requested an interim upgrade of the network to usher in gas improvement to support smart contract developers. The move

Crypto Lender Celsius Suffers 13-Hour Downtime, Leaving Users Worried of Another Cred Story

The website for cryptocurrency borrowing and lending platform, Celsius has been offline in the last four hours leading up to press time. Users are fearing a repeat of what happened to a major competitor, Cred earlier this week, but Celsius has assured it is only a downtime relating to its domain name service (DNS). The company was supposedly “preparing for the alpha release of the new Celsius Web App and needed to do some DNS configuration,” before encountering issues with its domain provider. Hey Celsians, in case you missed our email update, here is the latest information regarding our front-end

Bitcoin (BTC) Crosses The $16,100 Resistance: What Could Be The Fuel?

Bitcoin traders are thrilled to see the digital gold hit a new all-time high for this year and the past three years. Many have taken to their social media accounts to show how delighted they are to see the long-awaited promise fulfilled. As much as many keep celebrating, some are still unaware of what fueled the surge in the price of BTC. Traders are the main drivers of the market, and without them, the market will not function. In a recently published analysis,  we predicted that there would be more influx of traders to the crypto market as a result