[5/2018] Bitcoin News: 18 Best Alternative News Sources

[2018] Bitcoin News: 18 Best Alternative News Sources

Over the past year, Bitcoin has increased in both price and popularity. As a result, more financial news sites are reporting Bitcoin news. This article is going to review traditional financial news sources and how they report Bitcoin news. Then, we will give an overview of reputable, non-traditional news sources that are popular among the Bitcoin community. Hopefully, this article will help you discover some of the best Bitcoin news sources that you did not know existed.

Traditional Financial News Sources

Here are 3 mainstream financial news sites that are reporting Bitcoin news:

  1. Bloomberg Crypto: Bloomberg Crypto publishes a wide-range of topics including technology, development, market predictions, and financial regulations. Everyday, the site posts new articles about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Today’s headlining article is titled, Iran’s Central Bank Imposes Ban on Cryptocurrency Transactions (4/23/2018 by Ladane Nasseri). Another example: Bitcoin’s Breach of $9,000 Heartens Battered Crypto Bulls (4/23/2018 by Janine Wolf).
  2. Market Watch’s Crypto Page: This page provides daily coverage of the Bitcoin market. Market Watch is always providing up-to-date market analyses. Here is a recent post: Bitcoin tops $9,000 as crypto rally shows no signs of slowing (4/23/2018).
  3. 3. Wall Street Journal Money Beat: Wall Street Journal has some interesting Bitcoin news articles that are written by market analysts. Their reporting tends to focus on markets and financial regulation. Unfortunately, Wall Street Money Beat does not have its own page dedicated to Bitcoin or cryptocurrency news — and the publication does not post daily Bitcoin news articles. The latest article featured by Money Beat is called, Silicon Valley is Into Bitcoin. It Wants to Keep Washington Out (4/18/2018).

Overall, there are only a few traditional financial news sites that have pages dedicated to Bitcoin news. A few exceptions include Bloomberg Crypto and Market Watch’s Crypto page. As Bitcoin becomes more popular, we will probably see more traditional financial news sites featuring Bitcoin news.

Top Knowledgeable Bitcoin News Sites You Should Be Reading

Non-Traditional Bitcoin News Sources

Since Bitcoin is a non-traditional currency, many of its users are naturally drawn towards non-traditional news sources. These include Reddit, Twitter, and sites dedicated solely to Bitcoin news.


A major news source for Bitcoin users and enthusiasts is the Front Page of the Internet: Reddit. The Reddit community is unique in comparison to other social media platforms. Reddit has a bunch of forums on different topics, which are called sub-reddits. On Reddit, you can anonymously discuss almost anything with people that have similar interests. It is likely that the people who value Bitcoin’s anonymity are also drawn to Reddit’s anonymity.

Here are the two largest sub-reddits where people go to discuss Bitcoin News:

  1. /r/Bitcoin: This sub-reddit has over 800,000 subscribers and there are usually about 10,000 people on active on the forum at any given time. This is the original sub-reddit created for the Bitcoin community.

However, in 2015, tensions began to flare in a controversial debate over block size. According to the /r/btc sub-reddit information page, a lot of users left the /r/Bitcoin/ community because moderators were censoring and banning users that did not agree with them. /r/btc was created to be a less-moderated Bitcoin news community.

2. /r/btc: Has just under 200,000 subscribers. There are typically 3–4,000 users on this sub-reddit at any given time. This is the second largest and well-known sub-reddit for Bitcoin news.

Twitter is a popular source of Bitcoin news — and a popular place for members of the Bitcoin community to interact with each other!


Twitter is another popular platform where people discuss and share Bitcoin news. There are some well-known experts of the Bitcoin community that tweet daily Bitcoin news. However, you need to watch-out for spam accounts. Do not follow or engage with a Twitter account that does the following:

1. Asks you to send them money or provide any personal information.

2. Promises or offers you free Bitcoins.

Do not follow or interact with accounts that do these things. If somebody is offering you something that seems to good to be true, then they probably are. Also, there have been fake accounts posing as celebrities to spam and cheat followers. Recently, someone posed as Elon Musk and scammed Twitter users out of cryptocurrency. If someone promises to send you something after you send them something — it is a scam.

Also, if the majority of an account’s tweets are advertising/promoting a service or product, then they probably are not a good source of Bitcoin news. Don’t follow these either.

So who are some of the most popular and trusted twitter accounts for Bitcoin news? Typically, the most knowledgeable news sources are actual people, rather than companies, that have been immensely successful with Bitcoin (ex. entrepreneurs, investors, coders, etc.). Here is a list of 10 expert accounts that you should be following for knowledgeable Bitcoin news:

1. @rogerkver: 518k followers
Roger Ver is a well-known, successful Bitcoin investor. He has invested in numerous Bitcoin start-ups (including Purse.io). A large portion of the Bitcoin community follows him for expert advice and opinions about the market. He also tweets daily on the latest Bitcoin news.

2. @aantonop: 414k followers
Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a famous Bitcoin entrepreneur and coder. He is also the author of a few books on Bitcoin knowledge including Mastering Bitcoin and The Internet of Money. Andrea consistently provides daily thoughts on the lastest Bitcoin news.

3. @erikvoorhees: 274k followers
Erik is the CEO of a Bitcoin start-up called, ShapeShift, which facilitates exchange and conversion between cryptocurrencies. He also has a popular blog that covers Bitcoin news called, Money and State.

4.@barrysilbert: 152k followers
Barry Silbert is both the founder and CEO of the Digital Currency Group, which works to provide support to Bitcoin start-ups. He is also the investor of quite a few Bitcoin companies.

5. @vinnylingham: 149k followers
Vinny is another well-known Bitcoin entrepreneur and expert. His twitter bio claims that you can always look forward to his sarcastic Bitcoin tweets on a daily basis.

6. @gavinandersen: 136k followers
Gavin Andersen was the lead software developer for Bitcoin products from 2010–2014. In 2012, he founded a company called, The Bitcoin Foundation, which invests in the development of new Bitcoin software. He tweets about Bitcoin news and software development every day.

7. @jeffgarzik: 80.4k followers
Jeff Garzik is an entrepreneur and software developer. He is the CEO of a Bitcoin start-up called, Bloq Inc., which is working on developing new blockchain-based technology.

8. @bobbyclee: 73.6k followers
Bobby Lee is a board member of the Bitcoin Foundation. He is also the founder of a few Bitcoin start-ups including Your Bitcoin Company (known as: Your BTCC).

9. @brianforde: 37.7k followers
Brian Forde was President Obama’s Senior Advisor for Mobile and Data Innovation. He is now serving as Director of the Digital Currency Initiative (DCI) at MIT’s Media Lab. Forde has become an influential blockchain technology developer after joining the Media Lab. He is also actively campaigning for a seat in the US House of Representatives (the 45th District in CA).

10. @perianneDC: 21.4k followers
Perianne Boring is the founder and president of the Chamber of Digital Commerce in Washington, D.C. The Chamber of Digital Commerce is a trade advocacy group that works to represent the interests of cryptocurrency users, and promote the development of cryptocurrency technology. She also teaches as a Bitcoin Professor at Georgetown University in D.C.

Non-Traditional Bitcoin News Sites

There are also a few popular non-traditional Bitcoin news sites that are popular in the Bitcoin community. Here are 3 of the most popular, reputable Bitcoin news sites:

1. CoinDesk:
CoinDesk is a well-known and super-popular site that focuses only on cryptocurrencies. CoinDesk’s reporting is more extensive than traditional news sites (ex. Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, etc.). CoinDesk reports on everything related to Bitcoin including: software and technology development, research, opinion polling, markets, business, etc. Everyday, Coin Desk publishes new articles that are written by experts. Currently, the featured article on the site is titled, Fear and HODLing at MIT: Blockchain Experts Weigh Impact of SEC Action (4/24/2018 by Leigh Cuen).

2. Coin Telegraph
Coin Telegraph solely reports on cryptocurrency news. At Coin Telegraph, you can read market analysis reports, consult market tools (ex. the Bitcoin index), and get the latest news on Bitcoin and blockchain development. Coin Telegraph publishes new articles throughout the day. One of their most recent articles is titled, Banks and Cryptocurrencies Global Evaluation: Europe (4/24/2018 by Christina Georgacopoulos). In addition, Coin Telegraph has a Cryptopedia, which contains useful information about everything related to Bitcoin.

3. news.Bitcoin.com
This site is also dedicated to providing the Bitcoin community with extensive reporting on a wide variety of topics. While the first two sites mentioned include news about other cryptocurrencies, this site is dedicated solely to Bitcoin news. Everyday, this site publishes articles about Bitcoin news around the world. Here is one of their most recent articles: 20% of Financial Institutions Examining Starting Cryptocurrency Trading Soon (4/24/2018 by Avi Mizrahi).

As you can see, these non-traditional news sites offer a wider variety of information when it comes to Bitcoin. Since they are dedicated solely to Bitcoin news, they have the ability to cover a wide variety of topics. For example, Bloomberg does not publish as many articles on blockchain technology and software development as non-traditional Bitcoin news sites do. These sites are popular because they specialize in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news.

However, this does not mean that you should ignore traditional financial news sites. Expand your knowledge of Bitcoin by reading a variety of sources that represent various points of view! Also, maximizing your information can help you make smarter investments.

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