5 NEO Projects to Get Excited About – A Bit of News

With the market in a slump, you may be gripped with the dreaded FUD. But the technology of blockchain is unaffected by market fluctuations and the market will rebound. Today there are a lot of promising projects being developed on NEO to get excited about.

We’ve done our research and picked 5 projects currently being developed on NEO’s platform (all are post-ICO at this stage) which show the most promise.


As described on their website:

Ontology is a diverse, integrated, distributed trust network and the infrastructure for building a trust ecosystem.

Ontology uses a decoupled ledger which allows the platform to support numerous blockchains or traditional IT systems. It also use a series of protocols which will allow for a number of functions to be implemented, such as verifying digital identities, authorizations of different operations, and data exchange.

The foundation of Ontology’s platform is to build a “trust ecosystem,” which will allow its partners to focus on…

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