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AI Trading Review: Unique AI-Powered Trading Ecosystem


Trading itself has been a long-term tradition. The purpose is to facilitate the exchange of securities between the two parties; buyers and sellers, by creating a marketplace.

Though the process hasn’t changed much, there tends to be a continuous technological improvement coming into the industry. These tools are to make trading and much more the analysis and also the quest of being a better trader much easier.

The latest of such invention is the AI Trader.

The system was conceived by one of the World’s largest mining operations (Kingdom Mining) based in Dubai, to mitigate the HODL losses they experienced from Jan-March 2018. Based on the prenominal results AI trader was built with a game-changing GUI to share the platform benefits with the crypto community.

How AI Trader Works

The AI Trader is undoubtedly the next generation artificial intelligence trading ecosystem which is backed by machine learning.

The platform eliminated the complexity of having to set up complex systems all by yourself. All that’s needed with the AI Trading bot is to choose a pair of choice to trade and click on the play button.

The platform is already available for use with Binance and Bitmex cryptocurrency exchanges at the moment.

Optimized For Best Performance

The platform currently yields 82% on average monthly returns while currency trading on average across all pairs. The yield is even greater and records over 100% while the AI is deployed to leverage trade over a month.

Key Features

The platform was built with two principles in mind; for it to be simple enough for anyone, and transparency in trades placed and the reason behind it.

The following are features that make the platform one of the best in the market as of now:

A Dynamic Equity Management System

The AI algorithm recovers losses it might have incurred during trading, getting back into the market with a higher amount in a bid to recover the loss just like humans would.

View Trading Result

The system doesn’t leave you in the dark. A concise trading overview is accessible to show the AI’s performance over the last 30 days. It also gives users a snapshot comparison of how the AI performed in the last 30 days versus holding on to a currency.

Platform Supports Multiple Exchanges

The AI Trader is currently available to Binance, and Bitmex registered account holders. Shortly, the platform will integrate Bittrex, allowing traders on that platform also to make use of the AI at no additional cost. There’ll also be more exchanges supported in future and this will be provided at no additional cost to the existing users. Users can be at rest as AI Trader has no access to any user’s funds at any given point in time.

Trade on All Pairs

Unlike other platforms which offer only a select few pairs for users’ trade, AI Trader offers every single available pair on the supported exchanges. 

Subscription Details

The platform charges a monthly fee for providing its valuable services to its users. They offer a monthly package at 150 USD, a six month package at 450 USD and an annual package at 600 USD.

This fee is to enable further improvements to the bot. Currently, Paypal/Credit Card, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash payments are allowed.

Referral Program

One of the ways you can gain your subscription fee back and generate a passive significant income is through the platform’s referral system.

Influencers get paid a 10% lifetime commission of users they referred and referred user also receives a 10% lifetime discount.

We have also been offered a 10% discount for all our audiences. You can avail the same using our referral code

Final Thoughts

The AI Trader is the only of its kind that’s set to change the way trading is done. With steady improvements, the AI trading bot is going to get better at analysing the market with its almost perfect strategy.

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