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Ares Tech Launches New Brand Design
Ares Tech with Google Berlin Team

Ares tech, the Berlin-based blockchain social gaming network is launching its new brand design, bringing a colorful world  into the blockchain universe.

The new design, defined by lively characters, icons and bright colors, is a dazzling and accurate visualization of ares tech’s key mission and philosophy.

Ares aims at growing into a new generation of scalable blockchain social gaming platform with an ecosystem that is friendly, lively, open, genuinely decentralized and profitable. These characters manifest themselves in the three main products of ares tech:

ares suite provides free, friendly, all-in-one solution for independent game developers to develop blockchain games;

ares arena creates more socialization scenarios both online and offline with transparent gaming rules;

and ares connect creates a sustainable, profitable business ecosystem for partners and game developers alike.

To celebrate this exciting brand redesign, ares is launching a lucky draw. Fortunate users will have the chance to win from a large number of Tokens and limited souvenirs distributed in ares’ telegram group (

Join now and users will also get the chance to win precious tickets for the coming ares tech Berlin Meetup. For more details of the Meetup, please pay attention to Ares official social media (Twitter: www.twitter/arestech_io Facebook: and official website (

Ares’ CEO, Jack and MOR Design Director, Rasmus talking about the inspiration and concepts of the new design:

Watch Ares tech’s CEO presenting ares’ concepts and products:

Recent updates on ares tech:

  • Ares has started the initial conversation on marketing strategy with Google!
Ares Tech with Google Berlin Team
  • ares tech has built partnership with media:net, one of the biggest and most successful regional networks of business, media and digital economy in Germany;

  • ares tech will participate in Gamescom in Cologne in August;

  • Ares tech first round of candy airdrop almost finished now, join our telegram group! Second round airdrop will open soon!

Join ares Telegram group:

About Ares Tech

Ares Tech is committed to growing into a new generation of scalable Blockchain social gaming network.

Located in the European blockchain center — Berlin, ares boasts of a professional team with averagely more than 10 years’ experience in internet, including growth hacker, social games, big data, mobile internet products, etc. In 2B/2C products R&D, marketing and sales, ares team is among the top level. They have an deeper knowledge of European business and team management than Asian startups, and a better knowledge of Asian markets

than European startups. Their working experience has covered Fraunhofer, Zynga,Playfish, Bigpoint, Tencent, Shanda Games, Onefootball, Zalando, N26, Deutsche Bahn,

Microsoft, IBM, Nokia, Siemens, Daimler, KPMG, etc.

Ares’ investors and partners include Hash Capital (a Hong Kong VC), Fangxiang Fund, Jingtum,

BigchainDB, etc.. In February 2018, Ares Tech received Hash Capital’s seed funding of 1500 ETH. Hash Capital will again join in Cornerstone Round of ares token sale.

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