Southampton FC Players to Receive Bonus Payments in Bitcoin

Bitcoin continues to make a solid impact in the world of sports. A recent report revealed that all 24 players of the famous English football club Southampton can now choose to receive their yearly performance bonus payment in Bitcoin (BTC). To aid this development, Southampton signed a three-year partnership agreement with sports betting brand, Coingaming Group, a kind of extension to a one-year deal made earlier. The deal, sealed over the weekend, involves two major events. First, the English club’s players have the option of receiving their yearly bonuses in bitcoin and second,, a popular betting platform (operating under Coingaming),

What’s Next For “Maturing” Bitcoin After It Breaks Above $20k In Value?

A lot of things had to happen all at the same time to make Bitcoin finally smash through the psychological $20,000 mark. Everybody remembers how 2017 was the year of Bitcoin and at the time thought they had seen its high point. After the crash in early 2018, it seemed like the bubble had burst for good. With a raging global pandemic, an out of control political season in the US, Brexit just weeks away from going “no deal” and so many other factors, Bitcoin finally broke past a number many thought would never happen. What does this mean for

PrimeXBT Analysis: Why The Oil Outlook Is “Worsening” For Year-End

While more profitable opportunities in 2020 were focused around Bitcoin, stock indices, and precious metals, that didn’t stop oil trading from stealing the show earlier this year as the world watched in awe as prices had a catastrophic collapse that made Black Thursday look more like a light shade of grey. After the fallout, oil prices have remained “relatively flat,” but the outlook is now “worsening,” according to PrimeXBT lead analyst Kim Chua. Chua also reveals that oil is among the worst-performing assets of Q3, closing out September with a 10% fall, and what a further negative year-end looks likely.