BITCASHPAY to Turn-Over 600 Million BCP Tokens to BCP Community for Decentralized Liquidity

Crowdfunding is often referred to as a funding source to launch a new venture or business. The startups and new entrants in the business get small sums of money from several people to support such an endeavour. Crowdfunding, for all practical purposes, functions in the same way as the Initial Coin Offering or ICO of the cryptocurrency portfolios or platforms. The ICOs give huge returns to those invested in it. But the ICOs also have a wide range of benefits that the investors in cryptocurrency can reap. However, often cryptocurrency dealing causes problems as a section of people indulges in

MASSIVE DECENTRALIZED Liquidity Pool in Uniswap  Better Than Locked Liquidity

Why use UNISWAP? Uniswap has been the go-to for projects aiming at a decentralized exchange wherein middlemen or platform fees are non-existent. Uniswap is a public-friendly exchange where it uses a pricing mechanism called the “Constant Product Market Maker Model.” Instead of having the buyer and seller agree to a certain price value as a usual CEX does, it automatically computes the “demand vs supply” with a constant equation, therefore changes in value are happening the more trades gather in. Recently, more and more projects are being listed in UNISWAP for a quick DEX listing and some of these projects