Bitcoin ATM Market Dynamics April 2018

After experiencing the downfall in March, this April Bitcoin prices went in a different direction. They started to rise steadily from the beginning of the month, starting at $6,794 and peaking at $9,556 on 24.  April ended with a value of $9,260, which comes to a 36% rise since beginning of the month.

Bitcoin Price April 2018, source:

Accompanying the upward price trajectory was the growth in the number of new machines.

Period Start: 2667, Period End: 2878
Opened: 250, Closed: 39, Net Growth: +211(+7.9%)

Unlike the prices that fluctuate since the year started, the number of new machines continues to follow a steady increase. That trend continues in April.

Change by Manufacturers

Name Start End Diff
General Bytes 732 808 +76 (10.4%)
Genesis Coin 904 965 +61 (6.7%)
BitAccess 149 168 +19 (12.8%)
Lamassu 324 337 +13 (4%)
LightningXchange 1 11 +10 (1000%)
Coinme 39 47 +8 (20.5%)
Orderbob ATM 25 31 +6 (24%)
Covault 104 109 +5 (4.8%)
wBTCb 14 19 +5 (35.7%)
BitXatm 44 46 +2 (4.5%)
Shitcoins Club 13 15 +2 (15.4%)
BTC facil 22 23 +1 (4.5%)
BBFPro 14 15 +1 (7.1%)
Bitnovo 6 7 +1 (16.7%)
Bcash Greece Inc 3 4 +1 (33.3%)

April saw the two top Manufacturers remain on their places. General Bytes stayed on top with 76 new installations (10.4% increase) while Genesis Coin followed with 61 installations (6.7% increase). The biggest surprise this month is a fifth positioned LightningXchange that acted according to its name and made a significant rise on this list with 10 new installations which adds up to a 1000% increase, having in mind that Chicago based manufacturer had only 1 machine before April.

lightningxchange bitcoin ATM
LightningXchange bitcoin ATM

The machine has a slick design and is produced by one of the old operators on the market Digital Mint. Apart from running ATMs, the company also has a network of teller locations, where one can transact in person with cashier. All this means the backend should support all required features and make operators easy to comply with legal requirements.

We are happy to note that this month there were no reductions in the number of machines for any manufacturer, which is a first time this year.

Change by Operators

Operators who increased the number of machines by 3 or more over the past month:

Here we can see a change at the top of the list. Austrian based operator Avatar Technology GmbH made it to the top by installing 18 new machines which increased their number by 300%. We will see if this aspiring operator will continue with significant growth in the following months. Last months first place CoinCloud followed closely with +14 installations (10.9% increase). GetCoins dropped to the third spot. They installed 13 machines this April which is an 81.3% increase. It is a pleasure to mention that Nitroswap Limited installed their first 3 machines this month.

Change by Countries

Name Start End Diff
United States 1576 1696 +120 (7.6%)
Canada 416 447 +31 (7.5%)
Austria 136 157 +21 (15.4%)
United Kingdom 114 120 +6 (5.3%)
Czech Republic 40 46 +6 (15%)
Switzerland 20 25 +5 (25%)
Spain 39 42 +3 (7.7%)
Netherlands 21 24 +3 (14.3%)
Hong Kong 10 13 +3 (30%)
Italy 21 23 +2 (9.5%)
Slovakia 17 19 +2 (11.8%)
Poland 16 18 +2 (12.5%)
Romania 6 8 +2 (33.3%)
Russian Federation 42 43 +1 (2.4%)
Greece 6 7 +1 (16.7%)
Serbia 4 5 +1 (25%)
Colombia 4 5 +1 (25%)
Ukraine 2 3 +1 (50%)
Portugal 1 2 +1 (100%)
Zimbabwe 0 1 +1
Guatemala 0 1 +1

North America continues to dominate on this list with the United States remaining on top without any prospect of being overthrown and Canada holding that second place as usual with another 31 installations this month. European countries remain the most active ones when we look at the rest of the world where Austria with 21 and United Kingdom with 6 new installations hold their ground on third and fourth places respectively. In April there were also countries that had their very first bitcoin ATM installation and these are Zimbabwe and Guatemala.

Altcoins Support

Find latest stats of other cryptocurrency machines here.

Altcoin support saw the following increases over the past two months:

This April, the percentage of cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin that is accepted in the ATMs remains the same as in March (49%). Bitcoin Cash continues to be added to a number of machines every month and leads this month with respect to number of locations, where it was added. This month it was added to 111 machines (32.65% increase) and results in 451 machines in total with support of BCH. Litecoin remains to be the second most supported coin after Bitcoin (1340 locations in total), with 108 additions this month (8.8% growth). Ether is added as supported coin on 77 machines this month and follows LTC with 776 machines supporting it in total.


The prices continued to fluctuate in April this year. Manufacturer market is leaded by two main companies, with General Bytes chasing Genesis Coin with respect to number of installations. Operators continue to install many new machines, as figures don’t fall below 7-8 new installations daily. Bitcoin ATMs installed in new countries, where there were no machines before, in April it was Zimbabwe and Guatemala. Approximately half of all bitcoin ATMs also support one or several other cryptocurrencies. In April 2018 the most growing adoption apart from Bitcoin was support for Bitcoin Cash.

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