Bitcoin ATM Market Dynamics February 2018

In January the world of cryptocurrency experienced quite a bit of volatility. The first week of February saw Bitcoin hit its lowest price for the year. As the month progressed the price began to climb back up. Despite a few dips, Bitcoin closed the month at $11,009, a 23.6% increase from the price at the beginning of the month.

Bitcoin Price February 2018
Bitcoin Price February 2018, source:

Accompanying the upward trajectory was the growth in the number of new machines.

Period Start: 2197, Period End: 2392
Opened: 237, Closed: 42, Net Growth: +195 (+8.9%)

The month of January was filled with sharp price changes. Many record prices had been set in December and January only to be proceeded by large falls. In spite of this, February saw the growth rate percentage for new machines actually increased compared to the previous month’s numbers.

Change by Manufacturers

Name Start End Diff
Genesis Coin 774 825 +51 (6.6%)
General Bytes 590 640 +50 (8.5%)
BitAccess 81 129 +48 (59.3%)
Covault 74 88 +14 (18.9%)
Lamassu 295 305 +10 (3.4%)
Orderbob ATM 6 15 +9 (150%)
BitXatm 44 52 +8 (18.2%)
Coinsource 160 163 +3 (1.9%)
RusBit 25 28 +3 (12%)
BitTeller 19 20 +1 (5.3%)
zzBit 9 10 +1 (11.1%)
BTC facil 23 22 -1 (-4.3%)

Top two producers Genesis Coin and General Bytes maintained their positions from the previous month. Genesis Coin installed 51 machines (6.6% increase) while General Bytes added an additional 50 new machines (an 8.5% increase.) BitAccess experienced phenomenal growth again this month (thanks to Coincloud operator installing many Bitaccess machines)! They held their position at number three, adding 48 machines, which is a 59.3% increase from January’s numbers.
Covault moved up to fourth place for the month, adding 14 machines (18.9% increase.) The fifth position continues to be held by Lamassu. This month they installed the first cryptocurrency ATM in Iceland. Austria’s Orderbob ATM increased their machine presence by 150% by adding another 9 machines.

Change by Operators

Operators who increased the number of machines by 3 or more over the past month:

CoinCloud maintained their supremacy, staying ranked at number one with respect to number of new installations. They experienced an 89.1% growth rate for the month, taking the total number of machines up to 104. New York based Cottonwood Vending (CoinBTM) ranked second growth for the month. They had a 27.8% increase by adding 15 more machines. Both companies are based in the United States along with Pay Depot LLC and Bitcoin Depot. These four provided a majority of the machine installations for the United States for the month of February.

Speaking about high growth operators in other countries the following can be mentioned: BTC Exchange Gmbh and Kurant in Austria, instralling 8 and 7 new machines respectively, LocalCoin in Canada (+6 new locations) and BCB ATM in the UK (+6 machines).

Change by Countries

Name Start End Diff
United States 1285 1423 +138 (10.7%)
Canada 344 369 +25 (7.3%)
Austria 104 122 +18 (17.3%)
United Kingdom 105 112 +7 (6.7%)
Russian Federation 36 39 +3 (8.3%)
Czech Republic 21 23 +2 (9.5%)
Netherlands 16 17 +1 (6.3%)
Panama 10 11 +1 (10%)
Belgium 5 6 +1 (20%)
Israel 4 5 +1 (25%)
Iceland 0 1 +1
Spain 37 36 -1 (-2.7%)
Australia 23 22 -1 (-4.3%)
Mexico 12 11 -1 (-8.3%)

The top three positions have not changed since last month’s report. The United States had a 10.7% increase for the month, adding a total of 138 machines. The U.S. continues to have more cryptocurrency machines than any other country in the world. Canada held onto its place in second. The country saw 25 new installations taking their total number to 369. For both January and February Austria placed third for the number of machines installed. This continuing pattern of growth has allowed them to now surpass the United Kingdom for the total number of machines installed. Austria currently has 122 cryptocurrency ATMs.
For the month of February, only three countries had decreases in the total number of machines. Spain, Australia and Mexico lost one machine each. Spain decreased number of machines from 37 to 36. For Australia, this represented a 4.3% decrease taking the total of machines from 23 to 22. Mexico’s machines went from 12 to 11, which translates to an 8.3% decrease.

Altcoins Support

Find latest stats of other cryptocurrency machines here.

Altcoin support saw the following increases over the past two months:

At the end of January 44% of all machines supported at least one type of altcoin. February showed minor growth of altcoin adoption into Bitcoin machines, the number now at 46%. The greatest increase for altcoins this February was with Ether. They were added to 192 machines, which represents a 58.5% increase. Litecoin still remains the most supported altcoin, now being available on 1043 machines. Bitcoin Cash had another solid month; it has experienced an 81% increase and now overcome Dash in number of supporting ATMs.


Price fluctuations have not deterred the increasing presence of cryptocurrency. The end of the year 2017 showcased spectacular highs and record prices in the world of cryptocurrency. The new year has seen those prices jump up and down and though not reaching the previous peaks, they have begun to steadily rise again. The turbulent nature of the market has not stopped the increase in machine installations either. Cryptocurrency ATMs continue to appear in more places while also evolving to offer support for more and more coins as our last chart demonstrated. As more machines appear and offer support for more altcoins, we can expect to see more money entering the world of cryptocurrency with the progression of time.

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