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Bitcoin Cash protocol upgrade on May 15

Bitcoin Cash will have a protocol upgrade tomorrow (15th of May, 2018). This upgrade, among other improvements, will include a block size increase from 8 MB to 32 MB. The goal of the upgrade is to support future scaling and advanced functionalities.

“The upcoming bitcoin cash hard fork with 32MB block size will allow Bitcoin Cash to effectively handle massive user adoption in the years to come. The OpCodes will allow developers to create tokens that can represent any virtual or physical asset and leverage the power of smart contracts to automate basic financial processes on top of BCH.” — Alejandro de la Torre, Business Operations,

What to do?

This upgrade will be a protocol upgrade, with the goal to keep a single blockchain. wallet users don’t need to take any action.

We are excited to see new developments in the blockchain space and will continue offering a secure and uninterrupted wallet experience.

All other products such as the Pool and BCH Explorer will be seamlessly upgraded.

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