Bitcoin is all about you: Customize your Trezor

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Bitcoin is personal. Self-sovereignty is for everyone, and access to Bitcoin promises to equalize society in a way never seen before. To support the diverse, growing community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, we have just launched a new range of protective silicone covers for your favorite hardware wallet, the Trezor Model T. This expands our growing collection of ways to personalize your Trezor wallets. Keep an eye on our shop or subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news about hardware wallet accessories.

What does a Bitcoiner look like?

In any profession, this question can be asked to reveal unintended prejudice, usually due to historical reasons. Bitcoin was built for an age where this can no longer be the status quo. A bitcoiner can be anyone. Your grandmother, a postal courier, a factory worker, a billionaire — Bitcoin has to reflect the full diversity of the human race. That is why Trezor is built for everyone, and we want to reflect that by offering accessories to compliment your moods, style and subconscious desires.

How do you want to be seen? While our traditional black design will match any style, we want to let you choose from a whole range of expression. Our latest additions include vibrant green and red cases made from 100% premium silicone, to highlight and reinforce a colorful look, while keeping your Trezor safe from knocks and falls.

Green and red silicone cases for the Trezor Model T hardware wallet

For those who believe in the timeless poetry of black, we have of course also created a case that will protect your Trezor without ever clashing with your style. The smooth finish makes using your Trezor a more tactile experience, while retaining the ease-of-use you know and love, thanks to purposefully designed housing. If you fancy something that balances a touch of mystery with stormy resilience, our cobalt-blue case is for those who want to set a stoic tone, asserting your character without the need to utter a word. If your tastes are more reserved, a soft pigeon blue has been included, perfect to match the softer tones of waning summer.

Black, cobalt blue and pigeon blue silicone cases for the Trezor Model T hardware wallet

Cases for the Trezor Model One

Our original hardware wallet, the Trezor Model One, has not been forgotten. Right now, we’re offering Model One cases in three primary colors: blue, green and yellow, as well as black. Either choose them to match your favorite outfit, or get a selection to help manage your device collection. With multisignature support, you can use more than one device to remove the risk of a single point of failure — help yourself organize your multisig keys by color-coding your various Trezors.

Take a look at the full range of custom cases below — we do try to update our offering regularly so keep an eye on our store or sign up for our marketing newsletter to get the first pick of new colors as we release them.

Silicone cases for the Trezor Model One hardware wallet, in yellow, green, blue and black

Leather Cases

For those who prefer a natural feel, we also have leather cases available in two colors. These are made from 100% genuine leather and are specially designed to fit the Trezor Model One. Again, we offer an enduring black finish, as well as midnight blue. Crypto is for every day, and with this case your Trezor will feel right at home on any road trip, ranch or hike.

Dark genuine leather cases for the Trezor Model One hardware wallet

Customize your Trezor homescreen

Adding a personal touch to your Trezor is a great way to help manage multiple devices if you don’t have separate cases for each. For Model T users, you can customize your wallet homescreen with any image, both in color or grayscale. The process is very simple, just go to the Trezor wallet website, select your device and navigate to the homescreen tab. Here, you can choose a gallery photo or upload your own image. Please note that images must be resized to 144×144 pixels to display properly. Once you’ve chosen the image you want, just confirm the new homescreen on your device.

For Model One users, only black-and-white images are supported. Upload any image 128×64 pixels in size, or use our homescreen editor, where you can fit and resize images through the Trezor github interface — simply download the edited image and upload via the homescreen settings tab. We also include a library of images for you to choose from. For best results, choose an image with high contrast ratio so that details can be seen clearly. Once you have adjusted the image to fit your screen, simply confirm on your device and you’re all set.

Have you personalized your Trezor?

We’re big fans of DIY culture. While we want everyone to have a broad choice when it comes to their devices, we love to see how our users make their Trezors fit their specific personalities. If you’ve created a case or design of your own, get in touch via our social channels for a chance to be showcased on our Instagram page. Have a design you’d like to share with everyone? Reach out to the community on our Reddit page to share your design proposal and we’ll let you know if we can make it happen together.

We’re always looking for great products to make using your devices a more seamless experience, so if you know of a great product which you would recommend to other Trezor hardware wallet users, get in touch via our Twitter or by emailing our marketing team directly at [email protected]. We welcome any ideas, big or small, so feel free to reach out with recommendations.

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