BitPainting: Collect Iconic Artwork on the Ethereum Blockchain

BitPainting delivers a digital platform designed to let users collect iconic pieces of artwork on the blockchain. This gives art enthusiasts the ability to interact with rare artwork in virtual form on the Ethereum network. With the BitPainting Platform, users can own their favorite classic pieces of art. They can additionally create additions, gift, sell, and explore the famous creations of the most famous artists around the world. Members also can create their own unique collection and browse the artwork the community has amassed.


Revolution Blockchain LLC developed and operates BitPainting. Revolution Blockchain is a wholly owned Tapinator Inc. subsidiary and a Colorado corporation. Tapinator is publicly traded, and it develops and publishes applications and mobile games on Google Play, iOS, Ethereum, and Amazon. To date, Tapinator has served more than 450 million players of mobile games alone, giving it the experience necessary to make an expansion to blockchain applications a success.

How Does BitPainting Use the Blockchain?

Every piece of artwork on BitPainting is a non-fungible token, ERC-721, stored on the Ethereum blockchain. The actual BitPainting platform is built with specialized smART contracts, each of which ensures scarcity, provenance, and ownership. The proprietary smART contracts make it possible for collectors on BitPainting to make limited editions of the artwork they own. This leads to profit opportunities as well as a limited and decentralized supply.

Why Did BitPainting Decide to Use the Blockchain?

Given the goals of BitPainting, such as providing virtual artwork that is tradable and unique, using the blockchain makes perfect sense. The blockchain has already shown its usefulness in terms of decentralized value transfers in the virtual world. This technology has previously made it possible to trade scarce resources without worrying about central authorities and their control. This is a dramatic change to historic situations when those authorities dictated the terms for those virtual items being transferred, bought, sold, and even just owned.

How Do You Buy Art with BitPainting?

To purchase a piece of art on BitPainting, log into your BitPainting account and ensure you are logged into the right MetaMask wallet. Go to the marketplace on BitPainting and select a piece of art. You can then click “Buy Work,” and a MetaMask transaction will begin. If you want the transaction to go more quickly, you can increase the GWEI.


What Can a Collector Do with BitPainting Artwork?

Because of the decentralization and other features of the blockchain, a collector with a BitPainting account is in complete control of their purchased artwork, with full ownership of it. They can choose to make editions from that piece of art to generate a profit when they resell the produced editions. Alternatively, they can just hold onto the work of art and take advantage of the future appreciation in its price.

Of course, collectors can also choose to use BitPainting to get the opportunity to own virtual artwork of pieces they will never get the chance to physically own, and possibly never even be able to see, depending on where they live and their travel resources. You can set up collections, gift, or sell the artwork. In the near future, you will also be able to view the artwork in a different setting, order a Companion Sculpture, view the art in an augmented reality mode, and view or print the art’s Certificate of Authenticity. There is also a mobile application coming soon.

What Are Companion Sculptures?

Companion Sculptures will be arriving soon. They are physical representations of the artwork. These are scarce, so owners can only order a single Companion Sculpture per piece of art. In cases where the art is gifted or sold, the new owner must wait before ordering the Companion Sculpture. Each Companion Sculpture is made using Lucite and has information about your wallet ID and the art itself.

What Artists Will You Find on BitPainting?

When you browse the BitPainting marketplace and collections, you will find classic pieces of art by the most famous artists. These include Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Amedeo Modigliani, Vincent Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet, and Pablo Picasso, among others. It is important to note that the original artwork remains in the museum that holds that particular piece. Every day, new art goes live at noon in the eastern time zone. You can preview new artwork in the Marketplace’s “Upcoming” page.

Because those pieces of art go up for sale so rarely and at such a high price, BitPainting leverages the blockchain to make it possible for the average person to show their appreciation for art. It does so by allowing for the collection and trading of virtual versions of the artwork.

What Is the BitPainting Bounty Program?

To encourage more people to learn about BitPainting, the platform is offering a bounty program. It is possible to get a bounty in one of two ways. In either case, the bounty is a piece of original artwork. Posting a quality press piece about BitPainting on a visible website or finding a new bug can lead to this bounty. The tier of the work awarded will be based on the factors outlined in the bounty program.

How Does BitPainting Work with MetaMask?

BitPainting pieces of art are stored on Ethereum’s blockchain, so you must have the MetaMask plug-in to sell, buy, or transfer artwork. To start collecting on BitPainting, you just have to install MetaMask. However, you can browse the marketplace without it. This extension is incredibly popular. It links Ethereum dapps to your favorite browser, making it possible for everyone to interact with the blockchain. Although there are other ways of using dapps, MetaMask is the simplest and most popular, which is why BitPainting chose to use it.

What is Metamask

Installing MetaMask is incredibly straightforward. You just need to visit the MetaMask website and click on the version for your browser. Once you make a MetaMask account, you can send Ether to your new wallet ID and start buying, selling, and trading artwork on BitPainting.


BitPainting is the latest cryptocollectible company which takes the most iconic pieces of artwork from around the world and gives them a virtual form. It then enables art enthusiasts to own the artwork on the Ethereum blockchain, buying, selling, gifting, making limited editions, and admiring it in a range of settings. BitPainting brings famous virtual artwork to enthusiasts around the world.

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