BTCInvestornet’s Picks December 12th 2020 9:53 PM EST

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BTC has hit many all time highs recently. According to CoinGecko which we love, $24225.28 USD today! This is amazing. I cannot tell you if it will continue to break records. I do believe cryptocurrency is here to stay!

Cryptocurrency is hot. Now its just a matter of what you choose. Here are our picks for today!

DEFI is hot and some of the Masternodes we run are still hot. We still love Midas they are always coming up for new ways to innovate! Their Masternode YAP and Stable YAP are great investment opportunities. They have a lot of options including these.

We got into Sushi and then got out because of the hack and it went up. We also got in Farm! We like Cream because it became a Yearn Finance integration partner. It sounds amazing. We like GRT which came out on Coinbase recently. Crypto continues to grow you I would suggest get in while you can.

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