BTCInvestornet’s Picks November 29th 2020 8:20 AM EST

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There has been a lot of movement in the market lately. We made quite a bit of money on some of our old picks in the last month. DEFI is hot and some of the Masternodes we run are still hot. We still love Midas they are always coming up for new ways to innovate! They have changed their Masternode Index (MNI) to Masternode YAP. This increases the amount of invested coins with an APY of 21% which beats a lot of investments. I still suggest checking out Midas if you have not!

We like XRP! There has been a lot of talk around XRP and we have more than doubled our money since investing in it. One person I spoke to last week said they are betting everything on XRP! This is not investment advise!!!!

BTC has hit many all time highs recently. According to CoinGecko which we love, $24225.28 Read more
We have completely changed our list. DEFI has a whole new list on Coingecko and Read more
DEFI is still crushing it and we still like Compound! We are also still investing Read more
We have added DEFI coin Compound! You will also see BAT, DAI, and USDC. This Read more
Things have been up I hope you got in when they were down and sold Read more
Picks are still the same but we have invested in more of the masternodes listed Read more
BTC has been down the last couple of days. We have finally started to invest Read more
Not much changed since this Monday. BTC almost hit 10K last night!!!! These picks are Read more
Not much changed since this morning. These picks are still the same we have not Read more
These picks are still the same we have not really added or changed them yet. Read more

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