Introduction to Continuation Chart Patterns | CoinCentral

Forming a major component of technical analysis, continuation chart patterns assist investors in forecasting the future price movement of an asset. Whether you plan to invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum, continuation chart patterns create powerful buy and sell signals that can help you better time your investment decisions. Continuation Chart Patterns Overview In short, continuation chart patterns indicate that the …

Cambridge Analytica Nixes Cryptocurrency Project After Facebook Data Fiasco | CoinCentral

Before it became intertwined in the controversy surrounding Facebook’s misuse of data, Cambridge Analytica was planning to raise funds for a new digital currency. According to sources at Reuters, the firm was looking to raise as much as $30 million for their cryptocurrency project. Brittany Kaiser, former employee of Cambridge Analytica, stated in an interview that the intended purpose of …

Stablecoins: Bringing Stability to the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Cryptocurrencies are well known for their extreme volatility, as it’s not uncommon to see coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum rise or fall by 10-20% in a 24 hour time-span. Although this level of volatility is beneficial to traders and investors, it also hinders cryptocurrency’s real-world adoption. From a practical perspective, businesses do not want to transact in a currency marked by …


How to Buy Animecoin (ANI) | CoinCentral

How to Buy Animecoin (ANI) Animecoin has been around since 2014 but has been fairly inactive until now. A new team has resurrected the coin from the dead bringing its price to life along with it. With these changes happening so recently, you’re only able to buy Animecoin from one exchange: Cryptopia. In this article, we’ll walk you through the …


Exploring the Findings from ICObench’s ICO Market Review

On April 6th, the ICO review site ICObench published their ICO Market Review for the month of March alongside some fascinating industry data. It includes data on the different ICO platforms, overall market trends, stats by industry, and much more. We read through the report and compiled some of the most interesting insights here. Read on to learn about the state …

Medical Doctors and PhDs Take on Blockchain: an Interview with the PeerAtlas Team

PeerAtlas is on a mission to make medical information free and create a sustainable and scalable incentive structure for medical doctors and medical professionals to contribute to and update information in the ad-free and peer-reviewed medical library. [embedded content] [embedded content] The incumbent medical library collection comes with a relatively high subscription fee, which can be prohibitively expensive for doctors …

NY Attorney General Sends Questionnaire to 13 Crypto Exchanges

The New York State Attorney General’s office has sent letters and questionnaires to thirteen cryptocurrency exchanges.  According to the official press release, the outreach is part of Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman’s Virtual Markets Integrity Initiative, “a fact-finding inquiry into the policies and practices of platforms used by consumers to trade virtual or “crypto” currencies.” Sent to the likes of Coinbase, …

ASIC Mining vs Cryptocurrency Project Teams: A Game of Cat and Mouse

ASIC Mining: The Early Days January 2013 marked the beginning of a new era for cryptocurrency mining: the rise of ASIC miners. Around this general date, ASIC mining rigs began to enter the consumer market. Before January 2013, most cryptocurrency miners used relatively basic, much cheaper GPU or CPU mining rigs to mine cryptocurrency. These operations made it easier for individual …


Coinbase Review: Is Coinbase a Safe Way to Buy Cryptocurrency

Coinbase Review: Is Coinbase a Safe Way to Buy Cryptocurrency? As Bitcoin and Ethereum prices have skyrocketed, there’s been a huge wave of new investors looking to own cryptocurrencies.  This increase in demand for cryptocurrencies has birthed numerous companies who facilitate the purchase of cryptocurrencies.  In this Coinbase Review, we’ll be taking a look at one of the most popular …

Loopring, Nebulas Founders Establish Blockchain Development Community for Ex-Google Employees

A crew of former Google employees turned crypto entrepreneurs have come together to form the xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (GBA). The association is catered towards Google employees who are dedicated to developing blockchain technology. According to an April 15th press release, Hitters Xu (Nebulas founder, NEO co-founder), Daniel Wang (Loopring founder), and Andy Tian (Gifto founder) created GBA in response to …