Coinbase Custody is exploring a range of new assets

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Coinbase Custody is exploring a range of new assets

These assets are only being considered by Custody at this time, and this announcement has no bearing on trading-based products.

*assets are roughly ordered by market cap and type

Coinbase Custody is exploring the addition of many existing and forthcoming crypto assets for storage only, and will be working to add them as quickly and safely as possible. At this time, we have not yet considered these assets for trading. We are making this announcement internally at Coinbase and to the public at the same time to remain transparent with our customers about support for future assets.

Coinbase Custody is a custodial service for institutional clients optimized for storing large amounts of cryptocurrency in a highly secure way. As we’ve stated before, Coinbase Custody will likely support more assets than those available to trade through other Coinbase products.

Asset additions to Coinbase Custody have no bearing on whether they will be added to other Coinbase products. Asset additions for trading must pass our Digital Asset Framework.

As part of the exploratory process, customers may see public-facing APIs and other signs that we are conducting engineering work to support these assets. While we cannot commit to when or whether these assets will become available on Coinbase Custody, we will provide updates to our customers about the process and what they can expect via our Twitter account.

In addition to ERC20 tokens, here is the full list of assets that Coinbase Custody is exploring:

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Author: Sam McIngvale

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