Coinbase Expands by Opening a Japanese Office

Coinbase one of the most important cryptocurrency platforms and services provider, decided to open a new office in Japan to continue its expansion plans outside the United States. The information has been released by Coinbase in a blog post on June the 4th written by Coinbase Vice President and GM, Dan Romero.

Coinbase Expands Overseas

The new office in Japan will have an important fintech leader known as Nao Kitazawa. In this way, the intention is to lay the foundation for Japan’s investors to have access to the products that Coinbase designed. Japanese Flag Japan 300x225 - Coinbase Expands by Opening a Japanese Office

The blog post reads as follows:

“As part of our effort to accelerate the global adoption of cryptocurrency, today we’re announcing the launch of Coinbase’s office in Japan. Under the leadership of the highly-respected and admired fintech leader, Nao Kitazawa, our new office will lay the foundation for Japan’s crypto investors to access a range of Coinbase’s products.”

At the same time, the San Francisco-based company will be working ‘hand in hand’ with the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA), so as to ensure compliance with local laws at every stage.

Nao is an important leader in the fintech space that will be working as CEO of Coinbase Japan. He will build an important team ensuring that they will be delivering Coinbase’s vision of creating an open financial system for the world. Nao has been working in the past at Morgan Stanley Japan as an investment banker.

“Nao’s passion of cryptocurrency combined with his extensive background provides Coinbase with a great foundation to successfully push into the largest cryptocurrency market in the world,” reads the statement released by Coinbase. “As a regulated, compliant crypto company in the U.S., we will focus on building that same level trust with new customers in Japan.”

At the moment of writing this article, GDAX, Coinbase’s trading platform, is the 10th most important in the world by trading volume. It is offering 12 different trading pairs and it has managed $161 million dollars’ volume in the last 24 hours. It offers 4 different cryptocurrencies including Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Ethereum (ETH).

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Author: Carlos Terenzi”