CoTrader’s Super-DEX allows investors to copy trades of others

CoTrader, a startup which is introducing a decentralized fund management platform that includes cryptocurrency will be hosting an ICO for their coin, COT, in the near future. The blockchain trading platform allows for copy-trading, historic ROI statistics while putting users in direct control of their funds.

The platform works using SmartFunds – smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain that are programmed to allow only investors to pull assets in and out. Once funds are deposited, the fund manager can only trade the assets on the CoTrader Super-DEX, which combines multiple decentralized exchanges such as Bancor, Kyber, and 0x for maximum liquidity.

CoTrader has a variety of features designed for the user:

  • Blockchain investment advancement: CoTrader’s technology allows the user to copy the moves of other blockchain investors.
  • Direct Control: Allows users to be in direct control of the funds in their wallet, there is no middleman.
  • Proof of ROI: Enabling investing together with the results past performance.
  • Privacy: The platform provides extensive privacy options, users decide if their investments are public or private.

“CoTrader’s cutting-edge technology allows everyone, from the most experienced crypto investor to brand new crypto investors, to invest in cryptocurrency. Our decentralized platform offers total security, user control of assets, and proof of funds’ past performance, even while its custom algorithms hide fund managers’ investment strategies so these can be better monetized.”

CoTrader Founder and CEO Gary Bernstein

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Author: CryptoNinjas”