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Cryptohistory: Bitcoin Pizza Day

Every year on May 22nd we celebrate the historical purchase of two pizzas for 10.000 bitcoins.

The blockchain space is growing faster than we can even keep track of it. However, if we want to know where we should go, we should take a moment to acknowledge our cryptohistory. So let’s rejoice as we celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day on the crypto canals of Amsterdam.

Grab yourself a slice of pizza and remember Laszlo Hanyecz, a bitcoin developer who bought two Papa John’s pizzas for 10.000 bitcoins in 2010. This event is remembered in cryptohistory as the first recorded transaction for goods with bitcoin. The transaction took place on the 22nd of May 2010 and was worth approximately $30, in retrospect those two pizzas are now worth an astonishing price of $83,131,600.

Understandably, people might shy away from spending their crypto as the price of bitcoin has surged. However, if this space is to thrive and develop, cryptocurrencies should be used as a mean of exchange. Even if the volatility of this market is still unpredictable we shouldn’t be afraid of spending crypto. Indeed, Laszlo himself repeated the experience this year by buying two pizzas through the Lightning Network.

Remember, you should spend & replace! That’s the key to enjoying all the benefits of digital currencies without the fear of missing out on a great investment opportunity.

Yesterday, we celebrated this event with our friends in the Amsterdam crypto community by gathering and sharing delicious pizzas (bought with bitcoin of course!) to ensure that Bitcoin Pizza Day is never forgotten. Bon appétit!

Little gathering at CyberCapital #CryptoCanal

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