Cryptyk’s Token Economics: Why CTK is a Good Long-Term HODL – A Bit of News

While today’s tech giants — Google, Amazon, and Facebook — realized the value of big data long ago, it seems that the majority of society has only just begun to wake up to the reality of our modern digital world.

Big data is the strongest force driving innovation in machine learning and general artificial intelligence – unquestionably the most important field of our time. (Yes, even more important than blockchain.)

At the same time, however, the lack of control and security each of us has with respect to our personal data is alarming. Hackers have been exploiting security flaws in centralized databases at an increasing rate, leaving just about all of us vulnerable to identity theft, fraud, and various other cyber crimes.

As much as we might want it to, technological progress isn’t going to slow down. The amount of data that needs to be securely stored isn’t going to be diminished anytime soon either. As a result of those two truths, there is an incredible need for

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