CRYSTALS Blockchain Project Set to Change the Face of the Modeling Ecosystem

CRYSTALS Blockchain Project Set to Change the Face of the Modeling Ecosystem

CRYSTALS, a blockchain-powered platform that’s focused on making life easier for models, has announced its impending token presale event that is scheduled to kick off on May 29, 2018. The team is looking to raise $3 million from the event.

CRYSTALS is a one-of-a-kind project that takes care of all stakeholders in the modelling industry and the world at large.
CRYSTALS is determined to solve the issues of unhealthy competition, territorial fragmentation, unjustified commissions non-payment and many others pertinent issues.

All contributors in the presale will receive a 25 percent early bird bonus. The bonus will be reduced to 10 percent in the first stage.
Its native CRS token powers the CRYSTALS ecosystem.

With this groundbreaking solution, all models and modelling agencies all around the globe have the chance to assemble on one platform. This solution eliminates third parties and makes life easier for models and their employers, as the CRYSTALS community is safe and highly secure.

CEO and Co-Founder of CRYSTAL reiterated that:

“We are excited to bring our groundbreaking platform into the world that can potentially re-shape parts of the modelling industry. After a long journey, we believe we’re at a good starting point to grow CRYSTALS into the premier global and decentralised platform that we envisioned it to be. We will offer modelling agencies and private models all over the world the possibility to build strong relationships with clients not only in a more transparent and risk-free way but also be more profitable in the process.”

The Team

CRYSTALS is made up of highly talented experts who have the passion for the blockchain industry.

Nikita Yakubovskyi has a B.SC in Computer Security and Networks faculty. He’s an expert in the field of supply chain, logistics and more. He is a blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast and has been in the cryptospace since 2012.
He is one of the pioneers of the Ukrainian blockchain industry.

Glib Yemelyanov has a BASc in Law and BBA in Corporate and Real Estate Finance. He is vast on the issues of law, business and technology. He has also worked in the hospitality industry and other sectors.
He is the Legal and Business consultant for the CRYSTALS project.

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