Customer Support even matters while trading on an Exchange!

Customer Support even matters while trading on an Exchange! Revealed by a Survey

When you are about to purchase a new product or try a new service and eat at a new restaurant, the first thing that comes to your head is checking reviews. With the advent of Internet and most importantly social media, reviews play a vital role in the evaluation of a product/service.

When it comes to the risky adventure ride of cryptocurrency trading, you are definitely going to check pros and cons of the trading platform. After security, the second on priority list is customer service. Because you cannot reach the top merely with out-of-the-box features, it requires customer service and satisfaction as well. After all, customer is king!

To know about an exchange’s customer support, you’ll probably carry out a Google search and dig out information from popular blogs like Reddit or Medium. You can easily learn from there about what people have to say for a particular exchange. Traders generally post an honest review (most of them!). With this step, you’ll have a good filtered out result. As the best bitcoin exchanges will have saved their reputation by providing a satisfactory customer service. They’ll never want their user ratings to be affected. Because a better user rating will help them attract more users!

The exchange’s site is expected to include a well-informed FAQ section and video tutorials through which the trader can seek answers for little difficulties faced by self and do not need to generate tickets for the same. There are cases where even the well-known exchanges are incapable of providing the required customer support. In an online survey conducted by Encrybit, 33% of the trader participants revealed that customer support is one of the biggest issue faced on currently available exchanges.

There have been incidents in the past, in which things have gone out of control and the traders’ were either charged erroneously or evacuating their bank accounts all of a sudden. The traders then bombard the exchanges with tweets, comments, emails and what not. The reason behind tickets remaining unanswerable is lack of staff for customer service department.

As per a recent report, three well-known exchanges Coinbase, Kraken and Circle are preparing to double their staff in order to improve their customer support. You may see a bunch of job postings by these exchange providers. There is a hurdle here as not many people are cultivated with the knowledge crypto such that they can assist the customers. It’s going to be a tough job hiring skilled personnel in bulk.

The Surveyor Encrybit with its distant thinking proficiency had already grasped the situation and is well-prepared with a dedicated and professional in-house support team. It promises to take care of all the tickets cleverly and in the shortest time possible.

Final Words

Thus, the cryptocurrency exchanges will have a hard time if the “Customer Support” aspect isn’t taken care of seriously. As it’s on high-priority on every trader’s checklist while choosing an appropriate exchange to trade.

What are your thoughts? How do you weigh the importance of Customer service facility on an exchange? Share your insights in the comment section!

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