Dbrain partners with SingularityNET to make AI more accessible

Dbrain, the blockchain platform to turn raw data into AI for businesses, is partnering with SingularityNET, a global AI network that lets anyone create, share, and monetize AI services at scale. Dbrain will integrate its platform for data labeling with SingularityNET. The partnership allows AI developers, scientists and entrepreneurs to monetize their creations through the SingularityNET network.

SingularityNET is an open-source platform and marketplace that allows developers to host, connect and exchange AI algorithms at scale. AI and machine learning developers can add their algorithms and services to the SingularityNET platform. In exchange, the developers receive network payment tokens. The network makes it easy to monetize AI innovations. The end goal is to create a sharing-economy marketplace for AI that promotes collaboration between various tools and creates a more democratized AI environment.

Dbrain partners with SingularityNET to make AI more accessible
Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET

“Dbrain has a proven team working tirelessly to bring high-quality AI solutions to the market. We look forward to our partnership with them. With the innovative technologies from the Dbrain platform, our end-users will have more options at their fingertips.”

The idea behind Dbrain is to implement AI in any industry and connect all parties and seamlessly integrate all stages of AI development and deployment into a single product. In the Dbrain ecosystem, crowd workers from emerging markets label and validate AI data. They are compensated instantly with cryptocurrency payments. Data scientists use the resulting datasets to train neural networks. The neural networks create the foundation for AI applications. Businesses can use these neural networks to serve their particular needs.

SingularityNET will provide DBrain with the platform to construct their AI services and leverage SingularityNET’s infrastructure to host their AI services created using the platform. SingularityNET will also enable DBrain with an end-to-end service platform with capabilities for describing, packaging, deploying, and managing DB’s AI services infrastructure hosting of DB’s AI services with support for monitoring, metering, and auto-scaling

Dbrain partners with SingularityNET to make AI more accessible
Dbrain’s CTO and co-founder Alexey Hahunov

“We are excited about the partnership with SingularityNET. We want to make our platform accessible to any business that wants to use AI and machine learning. Our technology can make the jobs of AI developers and data scientists easier. The SingularityNET network opens our platform to a larger audience. It gives us an opportunity to serve a greater part of the AI community.”

The partnership means that Dbrain will provide additional benefits to AI developers and data scientists who will be able to monetize their creations via SingularityNET marketplace. For SingularityNET, the partnership gives their customers more choices of AI tools and resources from the Dbrain platform.

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