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The blockchain and crypto systems alliance is a new initiative of Endor to establish a research center at MIT. This will be the first large-scale research funding initiative from the crypto community and will promote collaborative research efforts between multi-national companies and university researchers.

The initiative will combine research interests of the newly formed crypto companies with those of multinational corporations. Endor is the founder of the alliance and other industry partners, Orbs and Bancor have invested in it as well. They will work together with leading fortune 500 companies such as IBM and Mastercard to advance blockchain research.

The formation of the alliance was announced in New York by Endor’s CEO, Dr. Yaniv Altshuler a few weeks ago at one of the largest, most well-known blockchain conferences-Consensus. He said about the launch:

“Crypto Systems are technologies in the making that do not yet represent the full potential of what people will eventually be able to do. We want to position ourselves at the forefront of new technological developments to make sure we deliver a stellar product with the most accurate, advanced predictions.”

Endor’s Role

Endor is a blockchain platform aiming to revolutionize the AI industry by making it accessible to small-scale businesses. Currently, the AI market is fairly limited and only large-scale corporations have access to the high-quality AI tools it provides. Smaller business are suffering from the unavailability of such tools.

The Endor protocol democratizes predictive analysis by making the AI predictions accessible to all. This has been made possible only by combining the science of Social Physics with blockchain infrastructure. Endor’s role in the AI market is one of the main reasons the company is so excited to invest in this new alliance. The research center at MIT will allow the company to deliver AI predictions to its users with the highest rates of accuracy.

The vision for this alliance is to, “help humanity think about how to take the impossible and make it possible, in the service of a better society.”


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