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The so named – cryptoverse largest Initial Coin Offering, setting the value bar at $4 bln US Dollar, was planned to commence on the 1st of June 2018. But, even with all the hype surrounding the coin, the blockchain as still not seen the day-light.

EOS and the Community

The group of individuals behind the EOS platform – Block.one, has chosen something very different than what was anticipated to do. The team has handed the steering wheel to the EOS community and enthusiasts for the much awaited blockchain. Which is why, many are pointing their fingers towards the team for the delay that that move might have caused.

Based on the blog-post from Blockgenic – a block producer [DPOS Delegate], the team EOS Mainnet Launch Group is putting all efforts on a secure launch for the network. The below quote from the block produces should be kept in mind by all teams as a methodology of work.

“The work we do follows the sun from one longitude to the next allowing one team to sleep while another awakes for a full day ahead” – Blockgenic added.

In the blog you can find highlighted that the above-mentioned team EMLG has set-up the EOS GitHub mainnet repository. There the members [community, enthusiasts – helpers] can radar-scan for any bug and report.

EOS Price Leading

Since June 5th, two main EOS nets are in the process of being completed. Both chains’ representatives are in a sparking duel, having different plans on the release.

However, this created confusion in the cryptocurrency world has not stopped EOS from performing very well in the market. On a weekly basis, EOS is appreciating the best gain against the US Dollar in the top 10 list by market capitalization. EOS/USD in the last 7 days is leading with 14.33 percent increase being closed followed up by BCH/USD 13.75% and Ripple’s XRP/USD 9.68%.

EOS Trading

Source: coinmarketcap

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