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Ethereum blockchain filled with Cryptokitties

Axiom Zen, a Canadian IT company, released Cryptokitties, a hilarious viral game based on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can buy and sell kittens, raise, crossbreed and reproduce them. For less than a week since the launch, the game has reached $3 000 000 and caused transaction backlog. Why? Everyone loves kitties!

How does it work?

Up until November 2018, every 15 minutes the system generates one cryptokitty available to buy for ETH. The price is based on the average demand for kitties. Users can also buy kitties from each other. Each kitty has a range of features that influence the price of one. Features can be common, uncommon and rare. Depending on what kitty you have, you can put it up for auction and bid your price in ETH.

Here is the unofficial website where you can track all the in-app deals.

Regarding that the kitty genesis will stop the next November, you can HODL your virtual fluffies for trying to make a profit (or not).

How is it related to my transaction?

As you may know, Ethereum is a blockchain platform allowing to build decentralized applications (DApps) that use the blockchain and Ethers for interaction between users. In fact, if some DApp has huge demand, it may influence all transactions passing through the blockchain. Cryptokitties in-app transactions are processed just like any regular transaction with ETH and tokens; they get into the mempool to be mined and are confirmed afterwards. If the number of transactions reaches the critical point, the blockchain starts lagging. Currently, Cryptokitties take 10% of overall transactions in the Ethereum blockchain. That’s enough to get your transaction stuck for hours.

Pending transactions in the Ethereum blockchain

What is next?

Currently, it goes without saying that Crytokitties have clogged the Ethereum blockchain and created the enormous demand for the currency making transactions hang in the network. Changelly is providing all necessary assistance for all users experiencing issues with Ethereum and tokens. However, the blockchain scalability doesn’t depend on us so you will have to wait until your transaction is confirmed.

The forthcoming updates of Ethereum roadmapped on 2018 will increase the network scalability and will lower entry barriers for developers. So, you are about to have a way better experience, soon!

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