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EverusTargets Global Expansion, First Step to Korea!

Malaysian blockchain technology company Everus Technologies Sdn. Bhd. may be based in South-East Asia, but that has not stopped them from dreaming big. Led by CEO SrinivasOddati, Everus aims to bring its range of services to investors not just in Asia, but the rest of the world. As a relatively new token, investors have a unique opportunity to get in early and potentially make huge gains as it begins to pick up steam.

Everus has its own cryptocurrency known as EVR, an ERC-20 token powered by the Ethereumblockchain infrastructure. Available for trade on the C-CEX, Cryptopia, Kuna and LocalBitcoinCash exchanges, there are currently over 140 million EVR in circulation, with a total supply of 1 billion available.

The first stop on its global expansion is a move into South Korea market; Everus is currently engaging in plans to host an event in Seoulin late 2018. The planned entry into the Korean market is a shrewd move at a time when there is much awareness with regards to cryptocurrency, but still plenty of apprehension around the world. However, the Korean market is widely accepted to be one of the world’s most mature, with the Korean won currently the third most traded fiat currency for bitcoin, behind the Japanese yen and the US dollar.

One of the company’s most ambitious plans is to introduce a crypto debit card, which will give users access to the Everus ecosystem and all its affiliated products and services. All merchants within the Everus ecosystem will accept EVR, the ERC-20 token of Everus. It is a borderless currency powered by the Ethereumblockchain and is currently available on four independent exchanges, making Everus accessible to everyone. The card will convert EVR to the current fiat value, ensuring that merchants are not affected by the fluctuation of cryptocurrency prices.

The introduction of such a card is designed to give EVR increased usability in the future, which in turn should also increase demand for the token. As this increased demands leads to higher trading volume for EVR on exchanges, this should also resultin its price spiking, giving investors and users more value.

This also ties in with EverMO, the merchant onboarding system that is designed to make it simple for merchants to start accepting EVR for their products and services. API integration is seamless and only needs to be plugged in for merchants to accept EVR. For customers, all they need to do is scan a uniqueQR code using their own smartphone to pay for the product or service.

Everus has already touched base in the United States of America, and plans to create a network of over 500,000 merchants and outlets that accept EVR as payment.This is just the beginning, and more merchants and outlets worldwide will soon be recruited to accept EVR and become part of the global Everus ecosystem.

It remains to be seen if Everus can establish itself as one of the world’s most dynamic blockchain organizations, but if its cryptocurrency continues to gain momentum and usability, the increased trading volume should speak for itself with regards to the token’s potential.

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