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Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co, a wild roller-coaster ride with ups and downs. Only the steep ascent, then the free fall before it then goes back uphill. The pace of the course? Remarkable! Not to be compared with classical foreign exchange such as the euro and dollar. The seesaw effect of the financial ruin of one is inversely proportional to the profit of the other. Arbitrage models feature prominently for investors who have now found their solution through the fintech startup, Profitcoins. Robin Weitzmann reports.

The cryptocurrency market is booming in spite of regulations never seen before. Many small and large investors recognize the potential of this emerging market, comparable to the Internet boom at the turn of the millennium. The goal: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. The Investment  arbitrage trading strategy: Buy Bitcoins low and resell high. With price fluctuations of up to $2,000 per day, this is theoretically a lucrative investment model.

Practically speaking, however, for both the small and large investor, it is too difficult to predict how the price will develop and therefore often results in a loss. Hence, the investment vehicle is more uncertain than a traditional and safe investment vehicle. A remedy to this point is resolved by an innovative fintech startup called Profitcoins. Unlike classic arbitrage models, Profitcoins recognizes price differentials on different trading platforms occurring at the same time. Within a few minutes, a cryptocurrency is bought low on trading Platform A and immediately resold higher on trading Platform B.


“One buys a bitcoin, for example, at $4,900 and sells it at $5,000.”

The small difference in time and the actual difference in price can make small but secure profits. This is technical innovation instead of high-risk speculation. This is not the only reason why a group of American fintech investors decided to invest millions in Profitcoins. CEO Rocio Knight is pleased to announce the opening of the new target group: “We started our launch on the American market less than a month ago. Our core target group are basically small investors and private investors. We are all the more pleased to see that major investors now also trust our technology and our company.” If you would like to have a closer look at the platform, you can visit the homepage here:

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