Fork Me Once… ‘Super Bitcoin’ And ‘Bitcoin Platinum’ Among 5 New Hard Forks

· December 1, 2017 · 8:00 pm

Bitcoin holders will meet at least three new hard forks in December as the success of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold spawns a host of trailblazers.

Bitcoin’s (Minimum) 3-Fork December

Two more forks are slated to occur but do not yet have a block at which they will split from the Bitcoin core chain, while another, Bitcoin Diamond, has already done so and has futures trading around $50.

A summary of the forthcoming network snapshots, which could all potentially deliver ‘free money’ to BTC holders, appeared on Twitter Thursday.

So-called ‘Super Bitcoin’ should spark at block 498,888 around December 15, while Bitcoin Platinum and the even more bizarre Bitcoin Cash Plus will get their network blueprints December 23 and 31 respectively.

Bitcoin Uranium and the previously signaled Bitcoin Silver still have yet to reveal their intended snapshot dates.

Is This The Dawn Of The ‘Initial Fork Offering’?

Bitcoin holders and the wider industry remain in two minds over the most recent phenomenon to hit cryptocurrency. As ‘ICO Mania’ appears to be waning, the concept of ‘Bitcoin Fork Mania’ continues the trend of creating value out of nothing, based on a mixed bag of technological value.

Despite the comparative health of extant forks Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold, a clear narrative is visible where new projects gain support solely with the intention of profiting from duplicate BTC balances.

“Welcome to the world of initial fork offerings,” one response to the December release calendar reads.

The prospective forks’ longer-term plans meanwhile remain vague. Super Bitcoin, which has claimed the slogan ‘Make Bitcoin Great Again’, promises a block size expansion to 8MB as well as the all-important free balance duplication.

Super Bitcoin’s website explains:

The past 3 year-competition of the Bitcoin’s capacity expansion has prevented its development. We have lost a large market share due to the pressue (sic) from the smart contract of Ethereum and Zcash. […] Therefore, a large number of geeks and the renowned prefessionals (sic) in [the] Bitcoin circle have been summoned to inject new momentum into Bitcoin.

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