FundRequest Launches a Blockchain-Powered Marketplace for Funding Open-Source Development – A Bit of News

FundRequest, the project that intends to establish a marketplace for open-source development, has officially launched their platform.

The platform, which is the first of their products, will permit direct integration with GitHub, making the process of solving open-source problems and receiving compensation much easier. Project issues can be funded with cryptocurrency that developers will receive upon resolution of the issue.

Karel Striegel, Co-Founder and CEO of FundRequest, said:

Developers can start earning experience in blockchain development and are now able to participate directly in projects they care about by solving issues through FundRequest. Meanwhile, projects and companies can tap into a pool of passionate open source and blockchain developers through our platform. We look forward to being the bridge for these two groups and accelerating the development of open source and blockchain technologies.

By integrating with GitHub, FundRequest has access to over 24 million active…

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