GG World Lottery Secures Funds for Expansion from its Public Sale •

With a proven and working platform already in place, GG World Lottery has not only been able to secure funds for its marketing department but also has funds in place to enter the African market. Through its first public sale, GG World has secured $5.5 million for its next phase. The public sale kicked off on November 30th, and within days GG World has managed to raise the required amount.

The funds from the public sale will be channeled to propel GG World’s ambitious international marketing plan of increasing its global footprint. In addition to that, the funds will help spearhead its plan of entering the African market by setting up shop in Zambia. On the marketing front, the company will be using the freshly raised funds to run advertising campaigns and to secure prizes and giveaways for the players of its very first lotteries in Zambia. A portion of the funds will also go towards covering legal, accounting services and securing office premises.

GG World, Why Africa?

Of all the places in the world, GG World Lottery has chosen Africa as one of the first markets and with good reason. The lottery industry in the continent is ripe and ready for ploughing. There is a need for better, more advanced systems to operate and manage the lottery systems. Also, the region’s growing economy is expected to hit a GDP number of over $1 trillion over the span of next 8 years, which combined with increased internet and mobile penetration makes it the right time to introduce technology befitting the current times to the industry. Besides that, the rise in the number of Android device users will provide participants with direct access to GG World Lottery platform eliminating middlemen and the need for costly lottery infrastructure.

For participants, they will have many chances to try their luck at winning the amazing prizes from GG World. Besides just winning, the locals also have something to smile about since GG World has already pledged its support to local charity programs, football clubs among other programs. Moreover, GG World will be helping build the local economy by making investments in Africa. Zambia is the first country GG World Lottery will be launching its blockchain platform. But down the line, GG World platform will be available in many countries in Africa. The $5.5 million is just a tip of the iceberg as the project, armed with a working platform will be raising more funds in the next ICO phase.

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