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GG international has managed to obtain an important certification from Gaming Laboratories International. The achievement adds yet another one to the pillars of security and trust that GG World Lottery aspires to deliver.

Important GLI Certification

Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) is a renowned independent testing laboratory. It’s accredited through ISO 17025:2005 and ISO 17065:2012. The venue works on behalf of gaming authorities and its job is to verify different aspects of technical compliance.

GLI is trusted by 475 jurisdictions throughout the entire world. Its certification is a standard for trust, quality, and security. It guarantees that the games offered on the tested platforms are fair for the players, as well as for the operators.

In an official announcement, GG International, the company behind GG World Lottery, shared that they’ve managed to obtain the important GLI certificate.

The document fully confirms that the True Random Number Generator of GG World Lottery is a trustworthy technology. It guarantees that each draw happens based on the quantum physics principles of true randomness. The blockchain layer upon which the TRNG is integrated, on the other hand, guarantees their immutability, verifiability, and complete transparency.

As such, the GLI certificate builds on the existing security solutions which the company had already put in place.

Secure and User-Friendly

Not only is GG World Lotto a solution which provides unparalleled security and transparency in an industry which very much needs them, but it also doesn’t forego the player.

Users are still occupying the forefront of the project and it attempts to cater to all of their preferences.

Right off the bat, the lotteries are online and mobile-friendly, ensuring that users can purchase tickets regardless of their current whereabouts. They can participate in the lotteries from wherever they may be.

Understanding the importance of their contributions, however, GG World Lottery is also geared towards providing a steady and secure return on the user’s investment.

Every single participant in the security token offering will be entitled to a lifetime revenue share which is based on each Jackpot ever won on the platform. In other words – whenever someone wins the Jackpot, each token holder will receive his part as well. The dividends are paid quarterly and they are based on the number of tokens the user holds. The greater the number, the greater the share.

GG World Lottery is also comprised of a team of experienced professionals who have the necessary skill set to drive the project to its success.

You can find out more about the project and take part in the security token offering on the official website.

You can also stay tuned on the project’s Facebook and Twitter page or join the live Telegram group if you have any questions.

What do you think about GG World Lottery? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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