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Recent reports from Multimedia publication, Motherboard, have revealed that hacker(s) were able to steal cryptocurrencies through the email accounts of the victims.

According to a Tuesday report from Motherboard, the hackers somehow managed to access the accounts of a worker at Microsoft customer support department two weeks ago to steal customers’ Outlook, Hotmail, or MSN accounts information and logins.

Upon getting access to Microsoft users inboxes, the hackers targeted cryptocurrency users and stole their funds. So far, multiple users have complained about having their cryptocurrencies taken by unknown persons.

One of the victims, who identified himself as Jevon Ritmeester claimed that he lost 1 BTC(~$5,334) to the hackers.

Explaining what happened, Ritmeester noted that his Kraken account password was changed without his knowledge and that was how the hackers were able to withdraw his coins.

He also noted that he saw several changed login notifications in the trash box of his outlook account, and sadly he did not enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on his Kraken account, which made it an easy win for the hackers.

Ritmeester was not the only victim who complained about the ugly incident. Earlier this month, a Redditor known as Keats852 said that hackers accessed his email account and stole 25,000 worth of cryptos (without stating the currencies involved).

Although Microsoft confirmed the breach two weeks ago, affected users think the multinational technology company has something to hide.

Mickey_ficke, another reddit user noted that they were also a victim, though not up to what Keats852 lost.  

Ritmeester said he is considering filing a police report against Microsoft for negligence as he feels that the company is “trying to cover up and is not taking this seriously.”

Cryptocurrencies continue to remain a target for hackers and sim swappers from around the world due to the anonymous nature of digital currencies.

In November last year, Michael Terpin, a famous Bitcoin entrepreneur sued AT&T Inc., an American telecommunication giant for aiding and abetting a sim swap which led to the lost of  $24 million worth of his cryptocurrencies.

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