Hashgard gets over $10 million in investment, including Fenbushi Capital

Hashgard, a distributed, trusted asset management protocol and next-generation digital finance public chain has announced the raising of $10 million from over 50 investment funds, including Fenbushi Capital and BKFUND. Hashgard provides a one-stop blockchain solution for blockchain asset management. Advisors will include leading figures in the blockchain space – Bo Shen, founder of Fenbushi Capital; Shuo Bai, former chief engineer of Shanghai Stock Exchange, and Sunny Lu, co-founder of Vechain.

Hashgard is the first blockchain project initiated and managed by Fenbushi Capital.

Other strategic investors include: Gobi Partners, Bibox, Node Capital, Alphabit Fund, Frees Fund, Transference Fund, Fang Fund Partners, Linkvc, LD Capital, IMO Ventures, PreAngel, 8Decimal Capital, Stars Capital, Milestone Capital, Next Blockchain Capital, Blockwater Capital, Bitrise Capital, Hello Capital, Code Link, Vulpe Capital, Spark Capital, CHI Capital, Scry.Info Foundation, IRIS Foundation, Delphy Foundation, MDS Foundation, Primas Foundation, Genesis Capital, W Fund, and more.

What is Hashgard?

Established in March this year, Hashgard is a public blockchain providing a one-stop solution for digital asset management, catering to both individual and institutional investors.

Hashgard will establish an asset management ecosystem that connects various key components such as identity authentication (KYC), prediction markets, and data verification, in one user-friendly platform. Hashgard has already established a strategic partnership with projects such as Scry.Info, a blockchain development project which incorporates the best of various protocols in one simple cross-chain ecosystem, and Irisnet, a project working on interoperability for the highly anticipated Cosmos project. More partnerships will be announced.

No Token Sale

Because of the huge demand from strategic investors, there will be no ICO. To support the community, Hashgard will be airdropping tokens. Details about this are yet to be announced.

The Hashgard ecosystem includes:

  • Asset management DAO: Fund investors, managers, custodians, etc. may form a DAO-style autonomous organization to ensure the standardization of fund operations through smart contracts.
  • Decentralized fund company: Individuals empowers technology, links global talents, and builds more operationally efficient asset management DACs.
  • Decentralized fund: Supporting DAO model and various decentralized financial products.
  • Asset management SAAS system: Provides digital asset investors with professional asset management, investment management, risk control, financial management, team collaboration and other functions.
  • Digital assets fund exchange: A platform for digital asset fund investors to subscribe, redeem and trade fund shares.
  • Decentralized arbitration system: Supporting the creation of an arbitration DAO to resolve business disputes in the community.
  • Decentralized custodian: Ensure asset security through cross-chain agreements and custody services provider.

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