ICON – The Interlinking Blockchain That’s Ripe for an Investment – A Bit of News

Headquartered in South Korea, ICON is a blockchain technology firm that acts as a platform where smart contracts and decentralized apps (dapps) are built on. ICON is here to solve real-life issues that plague the cryptocurrency space today.

The ICON blockchain is highly unique as it interlinks different blockchains together, forming a communication system. The bridge between fiat currency, cryptocurrency, and the real world might be removed one day due to the ICON project.

How Does ICON Work?

This cryptocurrency is uniquely designed. Once a dapp is set on the network, people are able to interact freely with other communities and dapps. This is the reason why this crypto is termed as a giant network which enables users to communicate automatically and instantly. To facilitate these interactions, the ICX token is used.

For instance, an insurance company can send payments to a car dealership on the network. Such a transaction would be overseen by the ICON Republic and the fee is paid in…

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