Bitpanda Pro: The secure European exchange for crypto-to-fiat markets

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We are proud to unveil the new name and repositioning of our professional trading service. As part of this repositioning, Bitpanda Pro will focus on crypto-to-fiat markets with European currencies such as euro, Swiss franc and soon, the British pound. Effective immediately, users can trade on the newly added crypto-to-Swiss franc markets.

Since we launched the exchange in August 2019, we have further improved the product and API. Over the last couple of months, we have added some significant adaptations and features to our 100% in-house developed digital asset exchange, onboarded the first trading bot providers and very recently published new and in-depth public API documentation.

Regulatory compliance to meet local needs in European markets

Our overall goal for Bitpanda Pro is clear: We want to establish the exchange as the most secure go-to-place for digital asset trading with European fiat currencies. Since Bitpanda was founded in late 2014, we knew that it is key to work with regulators and not against them. Therefore, one of our core goals has ever since been to overdeliver when it comes to compliance and regulatory topics in Austria, the European Union and wider Europe. This is also where we see our core strength, which is why we decided to change the strategy for the exchange and focus on what we do best: fiat-to-crypto and vice versa.

Building on our strengths

As already announced in a blog post last week, we are aiming for a clearer profile with Bitpanda Pro in order to attract new B2C and B2B clients to grow both the number of active traders and the volume.

This includes a marketing push and overall effort to reach experienced Algorithmic Traders on the B2C side while strengthening our offering towards B2B clients like crypto businesses and institutional clients.

This new strategy also includes the steady addition of more crypto-to-fiat trading pairs to make the exchange as convenient, secure and trustworthy for professionals, businesses and institutions to onboard or cash out. Today, the first additions we have provided are three Swiss Franc (CHF) trading pairs: BTC/CHF, XRP/CHF and ETH/CHF. Next, we will add GBP markets and more crypto-to-fiat pairs.

New fee structure and 50% off trading fees in March 2020

As announced in last week’s blog post, we slightly adapted the Bitpanda Pro fee structure for all users on the exchange.

Effective immediately, until the 31st of March 2020, we are offering a 50% discount on trading fees (maker and taker fees) across all levels. So for example, with Level 1 (0 to 100 BTC volume in the past 30 days), the maker fees are 0.05%, and the taker fees are 0.075%.

Note that this limited promotion can also be combined with BEST, which lowers the fees even further.

The official fee structure without the 50% discount:

Important information regarding the delisting of USDT markets

Please note that after the delisting of the USDT markets (BTC/USDT, BEST/USDT), all USDT held will be shown with 0 (zero) value in your dashboard as there is no longer a market for USDT. You can still access your funds in the Balances overview and withdraw to an external address or to your Bitpanda wallet.

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