Irina Scarlat is joining Bitpanda as Chief Growth Officer (CGO)

We’re laser focused on growing to 10+ million users, and Irina Scarlat, formerly of Revolut and Uber, brings extensive expertise to Bitpanda, joining us as Chief Growth Officer (CGO) to lead our efforts in achieving this ambitious goal.

There is no denying that this is an exciting time for Bitpanda. Big plans are on the horizon to continue our rapid scaling and further expand our global reach through enhanced brand positioning and the launch of our B2B White Label solution. Taking stock of the powerful momentum of our ever-growing user base, this is the ideal time for us to bring in the expert knowledge and strategic know-how of a growth leader to help us achieve our mission. So, we’re thrilled to share that Irina Scarlat is joining us as our Chief Growth Officer (CGO) to take over and lead our Marketing and Business Development teams, as well as our country management and expansion efforts, to help us turn our goals into a reality.

In order to grow to 10+ million users, we believe it’s key to bring someone onboard with the proper experience — someone who’s seen it all and can build the playbook that’s necessary to bring us to the next level. Our vision is clear: become the number one investment platform that offers the ability to invest to anyone, anywhere.

Ready for hypergrowth

Irina’s proven track record speaks for itself. Her unique experience in fast-paced, hypergrowth environments, such as Revolut as their Global Head of Growth or previously with Uber’s marketing team, make her an ideal fit for our Bitpanda team.

With 12 years of experience in product marketing, her holistic approach from user acquisition to conversion and retention is just one aspect of Irina’s impressive resumé, alongside being an enthusiastic leader with a natural energy for adventure and challenging the status-quo. After all, we like to do things differently here. While she says that she’s a “sucker for experimentation, community building and inbound marketing” her biggest strengths lie in building teams that scale and shaping the processes that just work. Now, Irina will help us to do exactly that in order to strengthen our brand and drive the adoption of our Bitpanda White Label solution, bringing our new B2B business model to life. Together, we’ll build a truly sustainable growth engine powered by top notch international talent.

Building on a strong foundation

With over 2.7 million users who trust and support us, we’re now available in over 30 markets worldwide with an active local presence in eight countries. Our team of over 500 people working across 14 locations form a strong foundation for Irina and the team to build on as we focus on bringing our products to where our customers are and establishing Bitpanda as Europe’s number one leading investment platform. We’re confident that Irina’s drive, ambition and global mindset will help us bring the world of investing closer to everyone, everywhere. Let’s go!

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