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Konios launches an easy way to access Cryptocurrencies

The digital age clearly has introduced several changes into the mainstream economy and society. From media to science, from education to entertainment, the introduction and utility of technology for different purposes has truly brought solutions and ease to people’s lives.

The conception and utility of digital and decentralized currencies is one such event that has created a massive change in the perception of the economy. Still, access to cryptocurrencies is still a major issue that needs to be addressed for a seamless transition into the decentralized economy.

To tackle this issue and provide the world’s easiest access to the crypto community, Konios has offered a solution. Currently the only possibility to obtain cryptocurrencies is in exchanges with Fiat money (traditional currency such as Euro, US Dollar or Yen) by bank transfer or credit card via various online platforms.

This limitation has had a tremendous impact on the adoption of cryptocurrencies by the general public. Furthermore, the disclosure of personal data, as well as the laborious handling of platforms with time-consuming registrations and the unpredictability of platform operators has created another obstacle to crypto’s true espousal of the new currencies.

This has led to the failure of many people and crypto currencies to gain a foothold in the crypto community. In addition to these operational incumbencies, there are often high hidden fees and a necessary cooperation between the respective banks and states.

The Konios project puts an end to all these problems. By developing a platform that lets users enter the crypto world with cash, Konios has eliminated the need of unnecessary red-tape around the crypto market. Access to the Konios platform requires only a smartphone and an Internet connection unlike other systems, which require a bevy of papers and identification.

Here are a few products offered by Konios –

Konios Platform

  • F2F – Secure and anonymous face-to-face transactions of cash to cryptocurrency. (cash/crypto)
  • Exchange –  Digital change of any cryptocurrency pairs. (Crypto/Crypto)
  • Marketplace – Easily buy and sell commercial goods and services with cash and crypto currencies. (Products, Services / Cash, Crypto)

Konios Trading

  • Trading – A trading platform characterized by a simple procedure and an integrated analysis tool that displays the desired parameters in the charts. It is designed to show laymen the necessary predictions and visualize trends. Coin news and other relevant information from the Internet can be provided, which can be customized as desired.

Konios Data

  • Statistics – Anonymous data from the crypto domain is provided for empirical analyses, which are available on the Konios Blockchain.
  • Behavior – Anonymized behavior data from F2F, Exchange, Marketplace and Trading are provided.
  • Geo – Anonymous location information is provided to identify geographical concentrations and create new marketplaces.

Konios Blockchain

    • Transactions – The integration of Konios Blockchain is intended to validate the transactions within the platform.
    • Smart-Contracts –  Transaction processing, whether F2F, Exchange, Marketplace or Trading.

Konios Wallet

    • Wallet –  The wallet is used both on the platform and externally for connection or mobile use.

Based on an exchange principle developed in Switzerland, Konios enables easy transactions without the use of a bank or other intermediaries. The transaction process is precisely structured and is subject to the highest security regulations. It is built up by the five security keys and the participants make the exchange with only four clicks on their smartphones – thus guaranteeing the safety and security of funds.

Through the easily accessible platform of Konios, crypto investors can expand their portfolios and engage with the crypto market without any fuss – and truly gain the power of decentralized currency.

For Complete information, please visit: https://konios.com

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